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To me, Universal Laws are the blueprint, the road map to finding the buried treasures that, once brought out into the open and understood, will enable us to work, prosper and live in harmony. They explain the energies that hold the Universe together and help us understand that all the Laws work in harmony. As we begin to understand the concept behind these laws it will help us incorporate those energies into our personal energy field and open new doors and pave more pathways for us to walk on our search for knowledge, understanding and to becoming a part of the ALL.

I have listed them in alphabetical order so that no one Law appears to be more important or powerful than the others. While you may feel that one Law is more important or stronger, just remember that all the Laws work in harmony, as a single unit.

Here we go:

  • ADHESION and COHESION: The advanced metaphysicians are aware of this Law (energy) and use it for out-of-body, astral travel and projection.
  • AS ABOVE, SO BELOW: This means that things follow the same pattern in all other dimensions or realms.
  • ASSUMPTION: This Law (energy) is an intriguing one to the advanced metaphysician. To assume the feelings of a person or things is an outstanding assume the feelings of a plant or tree brings oneness or realization that you are that which you assume. You are a part of the One ... the All.
  • ATTRACTION: Like attracts like...good to good, bad to bad, plus to plus, positive to positive, negative to negative. Understanding this Law allows us to take a good look at the energies we emit and those that we draw to ourselves.
  • BALANCE: As the Pendulum swings, this is plus and minus, sanity and insanity, black and white, up and down. It is, in effect, the duality which allows us to find the point of balance in all aspects.
  • CAUSE and EFFECT: Wherever there is an effect, good or bad, there has always been a cause. A wise healer will always correct the cause and then the dis-ease, which is the effect, will leave.
  • CHEMISTRY: Chemistry is a science of the knowledge of what all things consist, both material and astral.
  • CIRCLE: The circle is symbolic of infinity, continuity ... no beginning, no end. This circle means perfection and is a symbolic meaning for the word “God”, or the Creative Source of All.
  • CREATION: Creation is the thought, the motion, the energy or the power to create. When all Laws are working in harmony, anything and everything can be created.
  • CYCLES: They are controlled by rays that are continually descending to Earth. Everything that has happened throughout the ages has happened in cycles...earthquakes, wars,, business cycles and the fall of empires. All things are controlled by this Law of Cycles. Learning to attune to these cycles and work with them, will bring much harmony into our lives. There are 7 year, 9 year, 27 year, and more, cycles in our lives. (More on cycles in another post.)
  • DEMAND and SUPPLY: This is the applied will and spoken word, with emotion, that will supply any man/woman that which he/she demands when done in the correct manner. Believing.
  • ENERGY: Energy is created with the movement of motion.
  • GRAVITY: The force (energy) that continually attracts and holds material and astral energies and maintains them in a particular area of the Universe.
  • HARMONY: This is peace, contentment, and awareness of truth. Everything in existence must be in harmony with that which is around it, near it, or in it. Without this Harmony, unrest, distrust, fears and hatreds arise...wars erupt and nations weep.
  • IMMORTALITY: The Infinite Mind Power is immortal and that which it creates is immortal. As energies appear to die or vanish, in reality they only go through molecular changes.
  • INCARNATION: This means to incarnate (rebirth) from one vibration or dimension to another, one planet to another, one galaxy to another.
  • KARMA: This law springs forth from our own creation of thoughts. We are as we believe and if we believe we must compensate, our inner minds create our own Law of Karma....that which we put out, we must compensate for. This deals on the level of the Law of Soul Forgiveness.
  • LIFE: The awareness of existence, the hydrogen atom, the breath of life, and the life of thought, for we are but a thought of life.
  • LIGHT: This is the Law of the eternal truth, of energy, mind and understanding.
  • LOVE: It is a mental expression of affection that creates emotional energy, and power. It has been stated that this Law of Love is the most powerful Law of all. All things are created and controlled with the energy of Love.
  • MAGNETISM: It is the root of energy and love. Everything in existence has a North and South pole, plus or minus, from the smallest electron to the largest planet or galaxy or universe.
  • MOTION: Emotion creates motion. Observe the difference in the energies around you when you are angry and then when you are happy.
  • NUMEROLOGY: We are discovering that all existence is created by mathematical formulas.
  • ONENESS: This is to blend with and become one with all mind and all life in all space and in all dimensions. It is to become one with that which you already are and to realize and have an awareness that you are a creator. This is the extreme height of evolution or comprehension, of realization and understanding of the meaning of Christ-Consciousness or “Godliness”. All laws function where there is no time and space, and this is the ultimate or final awareness of Oneness.
  • SELF-PRESERVATION: This means to stay alive and to stay healthy., The number one law supersedes all others. Everything alive strives to stay alive and to maintain health.
  • SPIRAL: This represents evolvement, realization of creation, awareness of truth and application of wisdom.
  • SPLIT and DIVIDE: This is also divide and expand. All life, birth, plant life, human life, animal life as well as the life of big business, governments etc., splits and divides, divides and expands in the process of branching out.
  • THOUGHT: Thought is said to be the fastest and most swift of all energies. It cannot be measured it is so fast. It is the root of everything, First was the word and the word was thought and with the thought all is created.
  • TRANSITION: That is what we refer to as death. In reality, there is no death. We transfer from one dimension to another, one vibration to another. Our molecular structure is changed.
  • TRANSMUTATION: When this law is used wisely, it is strong and powerful. The key to almost anything man can accomplish is the ability to transmute one's thoughts from one object to another quickly. When transmuting your thoughts upon any object, you can increase your power by being emotional and using your full will.
  • TRINITY: This is symbolized by the triangle that represents Body, Mind and Soul. Everything in existence consists of three basic parts and when drawn in a symbol is represented by a triangle.
  • UNITY: This means to blend with, to unite with, to become one with and to expand with the ALL.

  • VIBRATION: This is the pitch of motion. All things vibrate. When we think we are seeing color it is only the pitch of motion that makes it appear as color. It is the same with sound. As the vibration is of a high pitch on a diamond it is of a low pitch on material flesh. Men and women are differentiated by the even and uneven pitch that makes their vibrations different.

Advice for Exploring the Laws:
    If you choose to learn more about the Laws I would advise that you meditate on them, one at a time. Enter the silence and think of the many things that would or do pertain to the Law you are meditating on. As understanding expands, you will come to realize you are gaining insight into your life and all life. It can be very liberating and will free you to experience spiritual understanding of all life.

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