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Most of the things that Mikel told me that afternoon were directed toward my personal growth. Unfortunately, my memory is not good enough to quote him word for word, but I am going to offer some of his thoughts to you, in my own words.

I am sure we all realize that we are working simultaneously on several levels of existence toward the progress of the soul-self, the physical-self and the preservation of the school ground for those to follow. We are working toward our mass and individual spiritual growth, toward preserving our species, toward protecting and preserving our

physical home (Planet Earth), toward getting beyond the duality we created on this Plane and toward reuniting with the Beingness and the Creative Source.

We know there is only one power in the Universe-that which emanates from the Creative Source (by whatever name you chose to identify with).

There are varying degrees of energy within that power which are identified as negative (black or evil) to positive (white or good). But it is the same line of power-only the intent differs. We choose from lifetime to lifetime which part of the energy line we feel will best further our spiritual soul-self growth and that of those we have chosen to work with. Once we pass through the rite of reincarnation we leave the protective womb and enter into an arena which is challenging, to say the least. We seldom bring memory forward with us on a conscious level so we are on our own where our development is concerned.

Many distractions that take us away from our spiritual growth are presented by our teachers and those distractions become more enticing as technology progresses. We are given movies and videos through which we can live vicariously to experience the excitement we fail to find in our personal lives. We seek instant gratification much as we seek instant media reporting.

We seek escape through legal and illegal drugs rather than through the pursuit of spiritual knowledge. The bent toward self has become a selfish one in that most of our desires center around physical and material possessions and pursuits. Smoke screens of all sorts are thrown up to occupy our minds. The list goes on and on but I am sure you understand what I am saying.

Mikel told me to visualize the Universe as a jigsaw puzzle with only the border in place. There is a large box sitting beside the puzzle with all the pieces in it. Each piece represents a soul-self. It is up to me (each of us) to find out which piece represents me (us) and where it fits into the overall scheme of the puzzle. Only when all the pieces have been correctly placed into the puzzle will peace come to the Universe. If I attempt to place or force my soul-self into the wrong position, an imbalance naturally occurs.

That imbalance causes a reaction such as the ripples on water-it not only affects me but it travels in a non-ending fashion and directly or indirectly affects everyone and everything in the entire puzzle (Universe).

The search for our identity or place in the overall scheme of things, must start at our soul-self beginning if we are to find our proper niche in the puzzle. It is beneficial in each individual incarnation to delve into who we are, why we are here and what lessons we have chosen. But, unless we can see or visualize the whole picture, unless we can trace our progress (or lack thereof) from the beginning, we not only have difficulty in finding our niche in the puzzle, but we will have altered the shape of our piece and it will not fit into the puzzle in a proper manner which will enable it to enhance and support the surrounding pieces. Rather, it will cause discord and imbalance to flourish.

On another level, we are approaching the introduction to soul-self forms other than those that we unite with on Planet Earth. (You must remember this was given to me some 30+ years ago. I had my introduction to some of those other soul-self forms by George Van Tassel at Giant Rock Airport in the form of "space brothers".) Again, those who are not evolved or open to growth will throw up barriers against a uniting with the new soul-self forms. These "other soul-self forms" or "space brothers" have always been around-much as our Guardian Angels and our Ascended Masters have. It is merely that another layer of the veil is being lifted and with the lifting of that veil, those who do not want change in any form to occur on Planet Earth will introduce fear of the new soul-self forms. It is up to each individual to search that fear to ascertain if it is valid.

These are a few of the thoughts that Mikel gave to me. I don't know if you have any interest in other things he said to me. If you do, let me know and I will give you more of what he said.

I knew it was getting late and I needed to get back down to the valley. Mikel, sensing my desire to get back to my family, took my hand to lead me back to the tunnel. As we turned, I took one more look at the beckoning valley. There was a part of me that longed to stay in that valley and to once again flourish in an environment of love. But, my children called to me and I knew it was not my time to be with those below.

As I emerged once again from the Mountain I saw that evening was descending upon us. I bade Mikel goodbye and set off in the truck to find Mother Mary and her group. 

I know this is a short one, but remembering all these things has stirred me greatly and I am going to close this section for now. I do hope I have explained things well enough to be understood. While the information is very clear in my mind, it is sometimes difficult to get it from my mind onto paper. 


Messages From Mikel

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