Sub-Cycles, Pinnacles and Challenges

The Life Path number is unchangeable.  It is composed of a Sub-cycle, a Pinnacle and Challenges

The Sub-Cycles are composed of three defined cycles: 

  • The First Sub-Cycle, based on the month of birth, is the Formative Cycle.  This Cycle presents the positive and/or negative energies which will be presented for your use toward the success of your first Sub-Cycle number.  It may indicate the type of family relationships which surround you as a child as well as how you will learn to deal with those in authority such as your parents, teachers, ministers, etc.
  • The Second Sub-Cycle, based on the day of birth, is the Productive Cycle.  This Cycle deals with your adult life, your profession and the world around you.  The energies presented will aid in your success and may also present the negative forces to overcome.  t may help you fulfill your vision of a dream you have held for years.
  • The Third Sub-Cycle, based on the year of birth, is the Harvest Cycle.  This Cycle, which lasts for the remainder of your life, tells the future you will be dealing with.  During this period of time you may want to begin a new career, or may find the need to continue working for financial reasons.  The Harvest Cycle also gives you the space to review your life to this point and to make whatever changes you feel would benefit not only yourself, but your family and those around you.

For Example:  A birthdate of December 28, 2931 will determine the Sub-Cycle energy:

  • Month:  December  = 12 reduced to  3   Formative Cycle
  • Day:      28 reduces to 10 reduces to 1   Productive Cycle
  • Year:     1931 reduces to 14 reduces to 5  Harvest Cycle

The Pinnacles are composed of four defined Cycles of your Life Path which indicate the lesson to be worked on during a particular period of time.  The first Pinnacle runs anywhere from your birth to 27 to 35 years of age depending on your Life Path number.  The middle two Pinnacles will each last for 9 years and the final Pinnacle is with you for the remainder of your days.

The Pinnacles are determined by the birthdate and the formula is as follows:

  • The First Pinnacle is:  the month plus the day
  • The Second Pinnacle is:  the day plus the year
  • The Third Pinnacle is:  the first Pinnacle plus the second Pinnacle 
  • The Fourth Pinnacle is:  the month plus the year

For Example:  A birthdate of December 28, 1931 will determine the Pinnacle energy:

  • December + 28  (3 plus 1) =   4 First Pinnacle
  • 28 + 1931  (1 plus 5) =    6 Second Pinnacle
  • First and Second Pinnacle  (4 + 6) =    1 Third Pinnacle
  • December + 1931 = 3 + 5 =    8 Fourth Pinnacle

Life is full of struggles in many forms and they are called Challenges.  They are the weak points of our Life Path.  We must overcome these weak points to be successful in life.  Being aware of these Challenges can help us overcome them in the possible manner.

  • Challenges normally deal with material concerns and outward relationships.  This necessitates our pursuit of inner growth as well as our effort to deal on an outer level with each Challenge.

  • As we understand that any chain is only as strong as its weakest link, it behooves us to give due consideration to each of our Challenges.  Overcoming them promises considerable progress toward a smoother and more rewarding life.

  • Challenges are more acute when they are found to be the same as The Life Path, a Sub-Cycle or a Pinnacle.

The Challenges are determined by the birthdate and the formula for finding them is just the opposite of the formula for the Pinnacles..

  • The first Challenge is the month of birth minus the day
  • The second Challenge is the day of birth minus the year
  • The third Challenge is the first Challenge minus the second Challenge
  • The fourth Challenge is the month of birth minus the year

For example:  A birthdate of December 28, 1931 would carry the following Challenges:

  • December + 28  (3-1) = 2  First Challenge
  • 28 + 1931  (1-5) = 4  Second Challenge
  • First Challenge minus second Challenge (2 -4)  = 2 Third Challenge
  • Month of birth minus year of birth (3-5) = 2 Fourth Challenge

If there is a Master Number (11/2, 22/4 or 33/6) it should not be reduced.  If there is a Karmic Debt Number (19/1, 13/4 or 16/7) may be reduced but the energy should be noted .  A Karmic Debt Number is especially strong if found in the Life Path, Soul Urge or Expression.

~(c)Margaret Rustan - Unicorn Wisdom