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Esoteric teachings tell us that mankind's ultimate goal is to liberate him/herself from the limitation of the Physical Plan (3rd Dimension) to ascend the evolutionary ladder and increase his/her knowledge and understanding of the higher realms.

We have six (6) Subtle Bodies and six (6t) corresponding minds. The first body and its mind (our Physical Body) exist and experience in the gross, tangible world of the 3rd Dimension. The six (6) Subtle Bodies and their corresponding minds exist and experience in the 4th and 5th Dimension.

The Subtle Bodies are not separate entities, but a part of the whole. Each Body has energy centers that control the flow of Prana. Each Body has a system of energy channels that are called NADIS and the centers that control the Nadis are called CHAKRAS.

Our seven bodies are:

  • 1st - Physical - (lower/physical ... higher/Etheric Double)
  • 2nd - Astral - (lower/Kama Rupa ... higher Astral)
  • 3rd - Mental - (lower/Mental ... higher/Causal)
  • 4th - Buddhic - (intuitional/wisdom)
  • 5th - Atman - spirit body
  • 6th - Monad - soul body
  • 7th - Divine - Etheric Oneness 
Etheric Double: (Higher Physical Body):

  • The Etheric Double of the Higher Physical Body, is an invisible electromagnetic field that surrounds each human and inter-penetrates the Physical Body at a faster rate of vibrational frequency then that of the particular Physical Body. It extends out from our body approximately 150mm and embraces the Mental and Spiritual bodies as well as the Physical.

  • It serves as a blueprint for one's future lifestyle in the present incarnation and in future incarnations.
  • The blueprint is erected from the emotions (mood and attitudes), traits of character, and the activities the individual participates in. (It can be changed as quickly as it is built.)
  • It transforms thoughts into elements for the body and lifestyle of the individual.
  • It is affected by outside radiation: i.e., forces of light and dark, moon cycles, magnetic storms, sunspots, etc.
  • It remains with the Physical Body, after death, until the body decomposes completely.

Astral Body: (lower/Kama Rupa...higher/Astral)

  • The Astral Body is an invisible, ethereal substance inter-penetrating the Physical Body extending outward about five to eight inches.
  • It learns, grows and is influenced by the Physical existence.
  • It can separate from the Physical Body, at will, for astral projection purposes, sleeping or awake.
  • It is sensitive to thought.
  • It has the emotions of the Physical Body, but in the form of memory, only.
  • It looks human-like and, when seen clairvoyantly, is clothed.
  • It has no Conscious Mind or Nervous System, per se, but the Astral Brain recognizes both the Physical and the Astral experiences.
  • It envelops the Soul-Mind in the Etheric World when the Physical Body dies.


  • The Soul-Mind is an ethereal computer that each individual human possesses.
  • This term was coined by June Bletzer and pertains to the human being kingdom only. (Greek..soul, derived from sol meaning “sun”)
  • The function of the Soul-Mind of an individual is parallel to the sun's function to the Earth thus making a human being a miniature solar system..Mind signifying the vastness and completeness of INTELLIGENCE within the Soul.
  • It is concerned with the management and direction of the body, it records the sum total of a person's experiences, throughout his//her incarnations, forming his/her physical bodies and lifestyles for the planet, from these records known as the MEMORY BANK (Akashic Records).
  • It cannot make decisions.
  • As it accepts concepts, ideas, emotional evaluations and suggestions from the Conscious Mind, it neatly compartmentalizes them.
  • It is the motivating factor which directs the brain to sustain and improve the Physical Body and life-style for the duration of the incarnation
  • It changes as the Conscious Mind feeds it changes.

According to:

  • Theosophy - it is the domain of consciousness that composes a person's immortal selfhood, having three regions: Manas - Buddi – Atman
  • Allan Kardec – A moral being, direct, independent of matter, preserving its individuality after death, a Soul-Mind is a cause not an effect.
  • Plato – it consists of four faculties...reason, understanding, perception, faith
  • Carl Yung – it consists of four faculties...thinking, sensation, feeling, intuition
  • Levi – it always was and has no ending; a thought of God, just as a seed of earth holds all the attributes of the seed, the Soul holds all the attributes of God.
  • Some philosophers use SPIRIT synonymously with SOUL-MIND.

Mental Body: (Lower Mental Body)

  • The Mental Body is a subtle, ethereal energy field that inter-penetrates the Physical Body at the hipline and extends upward into the ether.
  • It houses intuition, gut-feelings, and inspirational thought.
  • It is considered to be the Spiritual Body by some religions as it has a greater ability to carry Cosmic Energy easily.
  • It is the body that Chiropractors and Osteopaths are trained to take care of.
  • It solidifies one's emotional and mental nature.
  • When humans make their transition from Planet Earth, they abide in the Etheric World. The Mental Body reviews the life it has just completed and evaluates it for planning future lives. (The human-body form is retained in the Etheric World.)

Causal Body: (Higher Mental Body)

  • The Causal Body encompasses the Physical Body serving as a vehicle of abstract (subjective) thought.
  • It analyzes the lives of the Soul-Mind as presented by the Mental Body.
  • It finds the cause of the many and varied experiences.
  • It separates the Karmic conditions into those areas which have beeb learned and experienced correctly or into those areas which have not been learned and will require correcting.
  • Those experiences that have been handled corrected become Wisdom. Those that have not been handled correctly become karmic liabilities to be retained for future incarnations.
  • It actually gives the Physical Body life.

Buddhic Body:

  • The Buddhic Body is a very subtle energy field inter-penetrating and extending out a distance from the Physical Body.
  • Buddhi means “to perceive” on the level of the Oversoul. It is the mechanism in human beings that opens them to wisdom from the Universal Mind. The wisdom comes directly to their consciousness without picking up any material in the Sub-Conscious Mind. It is “pure” information and works with the highest Principles.
  • When this Body has earned the right to abide in the Etheric World, and other bodies have been discarded the Soul-Mind works with constructive imagination for the Causal Plane.

Monad Body:

  • The Monad Body is a minute, ethereal, concentrated mass of energy and intelligence that contains the total memory of the “all that is” in its perfect state of Beingness. The memory of the “all that is” is the motivating force behind our constant quest to find our way back “home”.
  • The Monad energy mass contains a Soul/intelligence, Spirit/energy (movement), a consciousness and memory mechanism. This memory mechanism recalls and holds the memory of every vibrational frequency in which it has ever participated.

Divine Body:

  • Etheric Oneness
  • Bliss, Nirvana
  • Total Consciousness
  • Perfection
  • Total Beingness

Group Souls:

Group Souls are a number of Monads or Soul-Minds, who are in the same consciousness bound together by this consciousness with the same specialization flowing through each. (Some lovingly call it the soul pod, like a dolphin pod.)

This creates an envelope of Monadic essence that serves as the Mother/parent nourishing the souls until each is ready for independence. Each Monad must learn all the experiences of every category within the envelope through sharing the Karma of each member of the Group before it can evolve to a higher level. Individual Monads may call upon the knowledge of others. When all lessons have been learned, the essence will be dissolved, and each Monad will seek another group where higher lessons for evolvement may be learned.



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