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1969 THROUGH 1999:  

1st post:

As my notes were scribbled on various pieces of paper, I have lost a number of them or they have become illegible and the ones I have salvaged, I have condensed  and am going to begin sharing them in this post.  There were times we had long involved discussions and other times he came to answer a question.

One of the major discussions we had concerned why homo sapiens, although similar in so many aspects, are totally different in others.   Body shape, skin color, value systems, etc.

He went on to explain that each of the “races” came here, at different times from far reaching galaxies and solar systems in a search for planets to habitate. When they found Earth to be hospitable they settled and began forming their colonies.  

Each race brought with them their philosophies and laws, their educators, healers, figures of authority.  The theory that they evolved from bacteria in the dust is based on their far advanced ability to easily create “test tube” life and to clone their animals, etc.

The present day races bear little resemblance, in philosophy or behavior, to their ancestors who originally populated the planet.  Each race has evolved (or regressed), as it has, due to the increasing, uncontrolled desire for  safety,  control and power.  Much as in today’s society. 

2nd Post:

1969 Mikel … there is an agenda being constructed at this time to disrupt and change the basic philosophy of many…not only in your country.  The dark energy of those desiring control and power is coming into play.  We will continue to monitor and keep you posted where the dangers lie.

1970 Mikel … time to get your greenhouse up and running.  As your drug producers come more into power and are progressing toward becoming a power it will become necessary for you to look to the seeds and plants and herbs available to maintain your lives.

1985 Mike l …  when you see the emission of spray from high flying machines, stay inside.  The machines are dumping a substance which is toxic to humans.

1990 Mikel … The tunnels that run from mountain to mountain (which includes his home in Mt.Shasta) are being systematically inspected for safety.  There is concern of an energy build up.  We are sealing the tunnel close to us and moving our equipment to Peru for the time being.

1999 Mike l… We have set up centers on a number of mountains around your planet to more easily monitor the political energies at work.  We are concerned about a dark energy which is building in and around this country.  

2001 Mikel … the Agenda I spoke of several years ago is in full effect now and parts of it will be implemented in this year. This area will not be directly affected but there will be much tension around the world.

2002 Mikel … Roswell suits you well.  Enjoy the energies as they will rejuvenate you.

The notes I had for the period 2002 to 2011 when I moved back to Texas were lost in the move.  I will pick out the notes from our conversations since I returned to Texas that aren’t just personal and post them in a few days.

He has been concerned about the destructive energies present in our society and he warned of many violent episodes which were orchestrated by the dark forces.  Since we are all painfully aware of what has happened in the last 10 years, the messages from Mikel would only repeat our history.  I will begin sharing any future messages I receive from him as I receive them.

I am also sharing messages I receive from another space brother, Solaango, on my Unicorn Wisdom site.  You might be interested in those also.

Mikel Post #3

Visit from Mikel, Sept. 11, 2017, 11:22 AM

Hello … it is late and rest assured I am aware of your many questions.  

Earthquakes, fires, flooding, winds, while they are all a part of the energies of your planet, are occurring more frequently and with greater strength, we are monitoring carefully as those energies are not quieting.

All observers are concerned with the ongoing political upheavals in a large number of your nations and foresee two new violent outbreaks on the verge of occurring.  We are carefully monitoring these energies.

We once again urge the regrouping of like minded individuals to form viable groups working for peaceful settlement of ongoing disruptive actions.

A section of our group has made preparations to leave Mt. Shasta and to establish a monitoring post in the Paektu Mountain.   Another section has established several monitoring points in the Ural Mountains. We are in the process of determining several other areas to establish posts in and a large number of new observers have been sent down to set them up.   Will alert you as we make our moves.

I will also alert you to any development that might advise attention.

The confusion and disruptive displays of uncontrolled angers in your country are disturbing.  As a nation, you have lost your balance; therefore you have lost a good share of your influence.  It is imperative that this country is capable of regaining that balance for if it does not, it will surely go down in defeat to any army that chooses to pick it.

Good night for now.
~Margaret Rustan