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Parapsychologists call dreams "the doorway to the paranormal or other realms."

Dreams reflect the activity between the lower Beta and upper Alpha levels of consciousness which results in a series of pictures, visual images, or events during sleep. 

The Sub-Conscious Mind has no interference from the Conscious Mind at this point. 

 Dreams may present themselves as brief, fragmented visions or complete stories. They represent wishes, desires, emotions, etc., which dwell in the Sub-Conscious Mind. 

Oftentimes, if a daily dream diary is maintained, a complete story, in serial form, can be read. The dreamer can be the subject of the dream or the spectator. The dreams can be black and white or in color. 

Conversations can actually occur or be understood without words being uttered. They can bring balance to mind and body. They can be used to repair self-esteem. 

They can bring answers or provide assistance in dealing with pressing decisions or activities. Dreams which are physical in origin may be caused by: Ill-health, digestive disturbance (that pizza you ate just before retiring), or sexual frustration. 

Your emotional state at bed-time. (Did you go to sleep with hurt feelings, being lonely or feeling insecure or depressed?) Being over-warm from too many blankets or being cold from too few blankets or having left a window open. 

Dreams, which are psychic in origin, may be caused by: telepathic communication sent from another. Prophetic (emotional clairvoyance). May come from the dreamer's Sub-Conscious Mind or from an Astral entity. The dream may be symbolic or literal, i.e., dreaming of the birth of a child ... is it symbolic of new spiritual growth or the actual birth of a child. 

Dream-makers: The force from the Super-Conscious Mind that brings forth information which is pertinent to the growth of the individual, without the interference of the Conscious Mind.

More to come on the subject of dreams and dreamer in the future.

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