Numerology is like a guidance system that shows you the easiest, the most difficult, the road blocks and the choices your life offers you.  The Life Path (or Life Cycle) number (sometimes referred to as your Destiny, Birth Path, Birth Force) is the most important number in your life.  This number represents who you are at birth and the native traits that you will carry with you through life. It is based on your date of birth, represents the specific lessons your Soul has chosen to learn and indicates which goals or pursuits are best suited toward that end.  The lower the Life Path number  (1 through 6 deals with fundamental concepts) the more uncomplicated the chosen lesson. The higher Life Path numbers (7 through 9 deal with advanced understandings) the more complex the issues, the greater the ultimate potential growth and the more difficult it may be to reach that potential.

The Life Path number is unchangeable.  Understanding and acceptance of the chosen Life Path allows for full growth and productive development.  Non-acceptance or avoidance, will be non-productive and lead to disharmony and unbalance in your life.

The Life Path number is derived by adding  the month, day and year of your birth and reducing that sum to a single digit. [Add all the numbers for a total, then add the numbers of that total, until the number is a single digit.]

Example 1:   Birthdate:  December 28, 1931

12+28+1931 = 1971  .  1+9+7+1 = 18  .  1+8 = 9  . Life Path is a 9

Example 2:

12 = 1+2 = [3]   

28 = 2+8 = 10 = and 1+0 = [1]

1931 = 1+9+3+1 = 14 . 1+4 = [5]

3+1+ 5 = 9

I prefer using Example 2  because it has also calculated the three Life Path Sub-Cycle numbers to be easily retrieved.  There is a section devoted to the Life Path Sub-Cycles.

Double Digits:

Master Numbers: It is important to retain or be aware of the double digit numbers as you compute the Life Path number.  If there is a Master Number (11/2, 22/4, or 33/6) it must not be reduced.  We will explore the Master Numbers in another section.  

Karmic Debt Numbers: If there is a Karmic Debt Number (19/1, 13/4, 16/7) it must not be reduced.  The Karmic Debt numbers apply only if found in the Life Path, Soul Urge or Expression.  We will explore the Karmic Debt Numbers, Soul Urge and Expression in other sections.

After you calculate your life path number, find it below and see if it matches the life you're leading or the life you'd like to be leading. 



1 LIFE PATH - The Path of The Leaders

The One Life Path people are hard working, always up to a challenge and have the drive to accomplish any goal they have set for themselves.

They are natural born leaders.  They are pioneers and have an insatiable desire to be inventive, original and to accomplish great things.  They are self-motivated and determined in any project they undertake.   Their approach to solving problems is many times considered to be unique and quite progressive.  They are very good at multitasking.

They are strong and their success lies in their drive and ability to focus on the end result of whatever project they work on.  

They are very independent but often quite critical of themselves.  They can also be critical of others and they do not tolerate laziness from those they spend time with. 

They are forever on the move and they spend much of their time traveling, building and visiting places they have never seen.  Their mind is always active, they make a good impression and are worthy of trust.

While they present themselves as extroverts in their public lives they are often introverts in their personal lives.  They live in their own world and when they are criticized by others they are not vindictive. They have a great sense of humor, sharp wit and will respond quickly.

Keywords: Originality, Inventive, Courageous,  Ambitious, Creativity,  Selfishness, Egotism, Materialism, Energy

Character Traits:    


  • Individuality, originality and creativity
  • Dominating personality and inspiring leadership. 
  • Efficient with superior ability to initiate new projects.
  • Honorable, honest and dependable
  • Good at beginning projects and launching businesses/ideas


  • Stubbornness
  • Resenting figures of authority
  • Refusal to seek advice or follow it.  
  • Being single-minded, impatient or intolerant 
  • Quick tempered.
  • Arrogant, boastful    

Some lessons and desires which may be encountered on a ONE Life Path:   

  • They have a need to learn that independence is not necessarily gained through rebellious acts. (More is gained through becoming assertive rather than aggressive.)
  • They may butt heads with those in positions of authority;  i.e. parents, teachers, ministers, supervisors, etc.  
  • One of their parents, or possibly both, may often be domineering, interfering or unyielding,  which can create a conflict of wills between them.
  • They have a need to balance stubbornness with cooperation.
  • They have a need to balance Self-Will with Divine-Will.  
  • It may be necessary to overcome resentment toward the father.
  • They may view obstacles as challenges.
  • They need to establish a balance between body, mind and spirit.  
  • They have a need to recognize their own value so they can see the value in others.
  • They must never allow “self-at-any-cost” to prevail.
  •  If their Personality Number is 4, 7 or 8, a strong willful drive may give the illusion of  a total lack of emotional sentiment.
  • When and if they are operating in a “dependent” mode, they may appear to be at everyone's beck and call.
  • Usually, by the thirties, they will begin to release the feelings of rebellion and replace them with a self-awakening independence.
  • Struggles with boredom on long-term maintenance projects.

The driven nature of those on a One Life Path can cause stress and distress.  They need to take steps to protect their physical, spiritual and emotional health. A healthy diet, an exercise program and time for meditation should be maintained.  


2 LIFE PATH - The Path of The Peacemakers

A person on a Two Life Path seeks harmony and peace above all else.  They are natural peacemakers with the ability to see all sides of a situation. They are very perceptive and have the innate ability to handle difficult situations with skill and grace.  They are gentle, loving, compassionate spirits. are loyal lovers or friends and often a bit shy.  They are uncomfortable with conflict and in this world of duality or division they have the ability to arbitrate and brings things into balance.  

They have natural psychic abilities which can be expanded by studying metaphysical subjects, i.e., Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, etc.  They often develop into fine Clairvoyants and/or Channels.  They also have healing abilities that can be well used in massage, physical therapy or counseling.

They enjoy music and poetry, have an eye for beauty and a fine sense of balance and rhythm.  They are quite sensitive and their ego bruises easily.  They will sometimes choose to run from a confrontation but, when they stop and draw on their inner strength, their power and abilities will give them the courage to stand and participate. 

They have a tendency to be perfectionists in their home and work environment.  They prefer quiet settings and have excellent taste in furnishing their private surroundings.

Keywords:  Sympathetic, Concerned,  Devoted, Sensitive, Diplomatic, Tactful, Emotional, Friendly, Overly-sensitive, Timid, Fearful, Nagging, Worrying

Character Traits:


  • Cooperative
  • Good-natured
  • Helpful
  • Understanding
  • Good at keeping secrets
  • Good at detail work
  • Team player
  • Safe haven


  • Unambitious
  • Lack self-confidence
  • Insecure
  • Restless
  • Uncaring
  • Gossipy
  • Uncooperative

Some lessons, desires, etc., that may be encountered on a Two Life Path:

  • They need to develop strength of purpose and definiteness They have a desire for love, companionship, harmony, peace and truth.
  • They are sensitive, emotional and they fall in love easily.
  • They loves the arts and music.
  • They prefer to follow rather than lead.  (The Two many times becomes the Power-Behind-The-Throne...the one who pulls the strings and actually yields the power.)
  • They seek marriage or partnerships
  • They are easy going, kind, friendly and are often considered “soft”.
  • They desire to collect things...i.e., collecting matchbook covers, string, dolls, etc.
  • They may become very studious and accumulate much wisdom but they do not disseminate what they have learned.

Because we live in the duality found on this planet, the 2 Life Path often becomes a fence sitter because they can observe and understand both sides of a question. They are the peacemakers, but need to learn decision-making skills.


3 LIFE PATH - The Path of Joyful Self-Expression

People on a Three Life Path Number come into the world to be a “beacon” and they hope to inspire others. They have a very high level of creative self-expression, are the entertainers, the speakers, the writers, the singers and the artists.  They are able to communicate verbally and/or by the written word in most areas.  

  • They have a charismatic personality and deep intuition. Although they prefer to see the world through rose-colored glasses they are able to discern others' emotions and feelings and to put them at ease.  
  • They seem to be aware of the need to bring balance into every situation and would benefit by studying the energy patterns of the Yin and Yang. They are on the path of discovering that the true beauty of life lies within their fellowman.  
  • They are very sensitive and have a caring disposition. If  hurt they can retreat into a shell of silence for extended periods of time.  A balance is relationships is sometimes illusive for them.  While relationships are not the number one priority they do enjoy good company and are warm and friendly with the people they meet.  
  • Family attachments are strong and they are prone to stay in contact with friends from early childhood. They could end up settling down later in life with a childhood sweetheart.
  • In order for those on a 3 Life Path to lead a balanced and happy life they must learn discipline, to accept responsibility and to not continuescattering their abilities.  When challenges arise they need to be able to meet them head on. 
Keywords:  Self-expression, Patience, Concentration, Friendly, Outgoing, Too easy-going, Creativity

Character Traits:


  • Harmony
  • Beauty
  • Pleasures
  • Creative talents
  • Social
  • Open
  • Imaginative
  • Artists
  • Joyful
  • Tolerant
  • Dynamic
  • Intuitive

  • Frivolous
  • Superficial
  • Scatters abilities
  • Little sense of purpose
  • Escapist tendencies
  • Critical of others
  • Vain
  • Extravagant
  • Intolerant
  • Hypocrisy
  • Impatient
Some lessons, desires, etc., that may be encountered on a Three Life Path:

  • They desire to express creative abilities, particular with words, i.e., speaking, singing, writing or acting.
  • They want their environment to reflect the beauty which they create.
  • They respond to life from the heart...can be easily hurt and may retreat for periods of time
  • They pursue animal welfare
  • They love their pets and children and the feeling is invariably returned.
  • If thelr Personality Number is a 7, the creative talents may be more on the scientific side.
  • If their Personality Number is an 8, original work in advertising or sales may present itself.
  • They love to flirt but are seldom unfaithful.
  • They desire popularity, lots of friends and they love parties and society.
  • They are intuitive and inspirational.
  • They have a definite need to develop patience, tolerance and concentration,.
  • They dislike detail or plodding work.
  • They may demonstrate little sense of purpose.
  • They may have a narcissistic streak and a need to be the center of attention.
Those on a 3 Life Path often write the books we love to read and compose the music we love to hear.  They bring joy and laughter to the world with their creativity.


4  LIFE PATH - The Path of the Organizer

People on a Four Life Path are the hard-working, backbones of society.  They are the salt of the earth. They are the masons that create solid foundations.  They are determined and practical. They like to be organized and have a definite flair for having the proper place for things. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and always want a solid plan for developing a project. They are very honest and require honesty from others in their life.

While the 4 Life Path can seem a bit boring, it builds a solid foundation, works steadily, and is persistent. It pushes for accomplishments that result in public recognition often over financial reward.

Those on the 4 Life Path believe in effort and control. They are goal oriented, have excellent memories, and don’t cut corners.  

They are good providers, usually strict disciplinarians with their children as they are not good at handling chaotic home life. They require a peaceful and honest energy around them in their homes.

They may often become monks, priests or ministers. Those on a religious path will not normally question the doctrine of their chosen religion as they feel secure in an established doctrine.  They may also be found in the upper levels of business, government or the military.  

Keywords: Conservative, Solid, Dependable, Conventional, Practical,  Service, Stubborn, Determination,  Delicate Health

Character Traits:


  • Disciplined
  • Stable
  • Methodical
  • Conscientious
  • Frugal
  • Excellent organizer and manager
  • Loyal and devoted to partners ... marriage or business
  • Patient
  • Determined
  • Dependable


  • Dogmatic
  • Narrow-minded
  • Tactless
  • Repressive
  • Can get too caught up in daily routines/schedules
  • Tenacity can become obsession
  • Boring
  • Lack of imagination
  • Socially awkward
  • Jealous

Some lessons, desires, etc., that may be encountered on a Four Life Path:

  • They do not take easily to new things, they work best when work is outlined, they are very punctual and hate to be kept waiting.
  • They are faithful, constant and loyal and will anger easily in the face of pretension, insincerity or deceit.
  • They have a great need for love but most often find it difficult to respond when it is given.
  • They are good disciplinarians for self and others.
  • They work well with hands, have natural mechanical abilities.
  • They have a definite need to cultivate change, expand viewpoints, and be willing to accept the new and discard the old.
  • They love tradition and can become uncomfortable with those of other cultures or countries.  
  • They want to serve.
  • They are in the process of learning to appreciate the value of a job well done ... and they will sometimes work to benefit others at the expense of their own goals.
If 4s are to follow after the INNER work, they need to  begin by ridding themselves of pride, laziness, sloppiness, or any other quality that would interfere with or damage their chosen labor. They are capable of producing order out of chaos, are thorough and dislike haste and waste. There is a need for them to become aware of limitations in the environment, their body, viewpoints, and to learn to live in harmony with them.  


5 LIFE PATH - The Path of the Adventurer

The people on a Five Life Path are the adventurers.  They are the most energetic and dynamic of all the 9 Life Path numbers.  They seek freedom and change and desire variety in their lives.  They are outgoing and enjoy meeting new people and going on new journeys.  They are very compassionate and good listeners and will go out of their way to give assistance to those who are in need. Their curiosity about life leads them to seek answers to life's many unanswered questions.

They can do almost anything they desire to do, and do it with superior talent. They are quick thinkers with a very good ability to analyze situations.  

They can adjust quickly to most anything that comes their way and that includes the work environment.  They are charming and charismatic which supports them in their job/career.  They are social creatures, uplifting with a great sense of humor and others feel comfortable around them.

One of the most dominating trait of those on the 5 Life Path is their desire for freedom in their thought and actions.  They won’t usually become absorbed in religious sects or specific ideologies.  Chances are they can be quite opinionated and passionate about political issues.

They are prone to carrying their heart on their sleeve and often give their heart to the wrong person.  They are not the best at judging the character of others.

They have a tendency to procrastinate and can be seen as unreliable.  There is a desire for instant gratification and, if not careful, they can be drawn to drugs and/or alcohol.  They need to adopt the motto of all things in moderation.

Keywords:  Freedom, Excitement, Travel,   Adventure, Adaptable, Versatile, Social, Restless, Impatient, Self-pity, Undisciplined, Investigation,  Self-indulgent, Possibly drug addiction

Character Traits:

  • Positive:
  • Happy-go-lucky
  • Solves complex problems swiftly
  • Very persuasive
  • Motivates people easily
  • Very versatile  (can become a jack of all trades)
  • Unafraid to take risks


  • Scatters energy
  • Becomes irresponsible
  • Self-indulgent
  • Unaware of other's feelings
  • Undependable
  • Dislikes routine or boring work
  • Lack of direction

Some lessons, desires, etc., that may be encountered on a Five Life Path:

  • They don’t want to be governed or judged by standard values.
  • Very important that each experience be understood, completed and released for new growth.
  • This is the Life Path to learn the Laws of Acceptance and to call up the SELF for proper experience.
  • Excellent number for teachers and lecturers.
  • May take responsibilities lightly.
  • They like strange new places, people and things.
  • Cannot or may not want to deal with routine or detail.
  • They can adapt easily to any condition, place or class of people  (when in Rome...)
  • Probably has a philosophical bent.  
  • They usually have above average intelligence, likes to promote and investigate.
  • They like sunshine,  outdoors, music, science, crowds and sports
  • They are enthusiastic and can inspire others with enthusiasm and inspiration.
  • The excitement of life will keep the Five eternally young,  They are a delightful companion.

They need to understand that all things should be taken in moderation and not to scatter his energies They need to develop an understanding about the value of constructive freedom and constructive change.



The Path of The Nurturer

Those born on a Six Life Path are the nurturers on this Earth Plane and are considered to be the only number that is harmonious with all other numbers. They are home and family oriented and creating an environment of peace and harmony is always their strongest impulse.  They are the knights in shining armor.

The 6 has understanding, empathy and is compassionate.  Their parenting skills are strong and they can be most domestic. The female 6 would prefer to stay at home to care for her family.  If the 6 choses a career path, they will usually go a long way due to their sense of responsibility.  They are respected in the business world and well-liked.  They do well in teaching, counseling, law enforcement, social services and the legal field.  They may choose to build a home business so they can remain in the home.

They love to teach and guide others, especially the young, the old and the less fortunate.  If a 6 witnesses an injustice they will give of their time and effort to set things straight.  They more often than not will favor the underdog.  

The 6 has a strong sense of responsibility and always does their fair share of any work.  However, the time will come when they begin to resent the responsibilities they have assumed and will make the determination as to how much responsibility they actually want to continue to carry.

The 6 is easy to take advantage of because they are idealistic and trusting.  They openly share their sentiments and expect others to do the same.  Becoming a counselor or advisor comes naturally for them and many will seek them out.

Keywords: Responsibility, empathy, family,   marriage,  peacemaker, open-minded, love,   self-sacrificing, protective, sympathetic, compassionate, problems with family, meddler

Character Traits:


  • Service minded
  • Idealistic
  • Realistic about Life
  • Compassion and support
  • Sympathy
  • Balance
  • Tolerant
  • Harmonious


  • Become overwhelmed 
  • Exaggerated
  • Self-righteous
  • Rejects responsibility
  • Meddling
  • Neglects own needs
  • Enabler
  • Smug
  • Arrogant

Some lessons, desires, etc., that may be encountered on a Six Life Path:

  • Marriage and family are usually the most important aspects of a Six Life Path.
  • There may be a need to develop firmness and assertiveness in order to bring balance to emotion and judgments.
  • A need to develop a less personal attitude.
  • There may be a tendency to be stubborn, argumentative or interfering.
  • Should have a good voice for singing or speaking.
  • Loves to give advice.  
  • Can be a refuge for those in need.
  • Does not like to work alone.
  • Is truly the happiest when working with others and often opens his/her home and arms to them.
  • Must not allow himself to become a doormat to others.
  • Must accept the responsibility of helping family and friends.  
  • Is an excellent teacher.
  • May have to work much harder than anticipated to maintain balance in a marriage.
  • Very exacting and hard on themselves.  
  • They strive for a perfection that is sometimes unreal.
Most people with a 6 Life Path have a good connection with the animal world.  They enjoy having pets in their home. Those on a 6 Life Path have the ability to create comfort and are on a path of learning to accept and efficiently fulfill the responsibilities that are given to them. 


7  LIFE PATH - The Path of the Spiritual Wisdom Seeker

Those born on a Seven Life Path are philosophical and spiritual in nature.  They have their feet on a spiritual path not a religious one.  Their aura is one of mystery as they hide their real “self” from you.  They are wise beyond their years and their “Path” is one of being the eternal student as they search to uncover the Wisdom of the Universe.  

They will happily and easily give up a busy business life for a life of solitude and quiet.  They know that things are not always as they seem and that the true meaning is often hidden behind illusions. They find they are often called upon to maintain a balance between a life of solitude and one of becoming totally isolated from society.

7s are often introverts, perhaps even a bit on the shy side, and are uncomfortable in social settings. When they are public figures, they may be introverted extroverts needing their alone time to recharge after periods of being in the public.  And, although they are intellectual it is not always obvious to others. 

They are the dreamers, they explore the obscure and are drawn to the metaphysical arena which gives them access to those questions of why, where, when and how that appear to have no answers.  

They may be drawn to public sharing of mystical or metaphysical principles. Loves mystery (the occult) and wants to understand the Laws of the Universe.  Because of their interest in so many unusual subjects, they make good writers.

If they go into religious service, they will approach it from a broader perspective and often expand the understanding of their religion's convictions.

They have a dry sense of humor.  They love and understand art.  They have a strong sense of justice.

The Seven may experience some sudden, unexpected  shifts, from high to low in his/her fortune and have a sense of the rug being pulled out from under him/her.

Keywords:   Introspection, Analytical Approach, Reserved, Seeks perfection, Studious (can become the perennial student), Aristocracy, Spirituality, Escapism, Introvert, Alcoholism, Mysterious

Character Traits:


  • Spiritual
  • Analytical
  • Thorough
  • Perfectionist
  • Introspective
  • Contemplative
  • Gracious
  • Friend for life
  • Reserved (although this is many times observed as being 'aloof')
  • Comfortable being alone.
  • Optimistic
  • Love of nature...lakes, forests, meadows, flowers, etc.

  • Pessimistic
  • Cynical
  • Aloof
  • Distant
  • Cold hearted
  • Awkward
  • Sarcastic
  • Secretive
  • Quarrelsome
  • Negative attitude
  • Lack of consideration and/or empathy
  • Feelings of being treated unfairly
  • Fears loneliness and poverty.
  • Need to develop Faith

Some lessons, desires, etc. that may be encountered on a Seven Life Path:

  • Desires time alone, in the quiet, to develop inner resources.  
  • Would really prefer to avoid the business world.
  • A dreamer of dreams, desiring to discover the deeper truths.
  • Dislikes noise, confusion and manual labor.
  • Usually misunderstood because he/she is withdrawn.
  • Wants to know the why of things.
  • Is conservative, refined and usually shy.
  • A need to develop understanding and sympathy, and to avoid melancholy and fear.
  • Likes things that have “class”.
  • Finds it difficult to express emotion or trust feelings.
  • Must learn to be alone 
  • Often difficult to get to know.
  • Most Sevens appear to be aloof, cool, but this is often a form of protection for the Seven. 
  • Usually afraid to trust others and therefore depends on him/herself and own resources.
  • Is considered to have unique solutions and approaches to situations.
  • They don’t care for sports and they are not warriors but 7s who are short often appear taller and larger than life to others.

The 7 is often compared to the self-reflecting and spiritually enlightened Hermit in the Tarot deck.  He/ She is the dreamer, the seeker of universal wisdom, the loner, the introvert and the analyst. When they go public, they may show up as the Heirophant. It is important that the Seven go within (introspection) for answers.


8 LIFE PATH - The Path of Material Fortune

Those born on an Eight Life Path are independent, competitive and usually materially successful.  They may not feel safe or secure until they establish their financial security. 

The shape of the number 8 demonstrates its most important attribute and that is one of balance.  It has the flow of the sign of Infinity and it is a Karmic equalizer, an energy that can destroy as easily as it creates.  It is as spiritual as it is materialistic.  

The Eight Life Path is also considered to be the Path of Returning Karma.  Unfinished lessons that have been brought from past lives will be presented.  Understanding and wisdom can be obtained as a particular lesson is presented, learned, and the accompanying karma is put to rest.  The power of the Eight will enable successful completion of karmic lessons if the power is used wisely and with love.

They possess the ability to balance their material and non-material worlds.  While they may focus on accumulating money, they see it as a tool or a means to accomplish a goal rather than a love for accumulating money.

They represent drive, ambition, diligence and  authority.  They possess strong organizational skills and are usually very goal oriented.  They are good business managers and have natural leadership skills that allow for their success in the business world.  They deal in down-to-earth situations and have little time for dreams or visions.  They thrive on hard work but need to be aware of how easily they could become workaholics.

They are often athletic, good in sports that require strength and endurance.  While they may not be particularly romantic, as they prefer a practical and straight-forward approach, they are loving and will more than carry their weight in a relationship.

At some point an opportunity will be presented to the Eight to selfishly or genuinely assist in the awakening of another person's capabilities.  Those on an 8 Life Path are excellent teachers and will give the support required to be of assistance.

Keywords:  Confidence, Energy. Ambition, Analytical mind, Good judgment, Karma, Power, Authority, Material freedom, Grasping for power

Character Traits:


  • Natural executive
  • Good judge of character
  • Honest to a fault
  • Tenacity
  • Independence
  • Courage of convictions
  • Practical and steady
  • Generous
  • Forgiving


  • Dictatorial
  • Success can become an obsession
  • Emotional feelings suppressed
  • Live beyond means
  • Neglect family and loved ones to obtain goal
  • Discounts others' opinions
  • Non-forgiving

Some lessons, desires, etc. that may be encountered on an Eight Life Path: 

  • May desire wealth, success, power, status
  • Love to manage and direct, to struggle against opposition
  • Once an Eight lets go of a 'need' for power, the world will recognize how powerful he/she truly is.
  • Can take control and leave a situation greatly improved because of his/her effort.
  • Dislikes weakness and inefficiency.
  • Ability to recognize potential in others.  
  • Good at judging character and is seldom a daydreamer.
  • Must learn that material possessions, money, and power are only a means to an end, and if money is sought solely for selfish gain, it will probably slip through their fingers.

The 8 Life Path deals with power in both his/her mundane and spiritual energies.  It has executive abilities and can visualize the end result of efforts put forth.  It does not allow a failure to deter it from bouncing right back up and pursuing a new venture.



The Path of The Metaphysician, Humanitarian & Philanthropist

Those born on a Nine Life Path are true Metaphysicians, Humanitarians and Philanthropists.  The Nine is the last of the cardinal numbers and it has an understanding of the connections between the all. They see no real difference between their neighbors next door and the people living in a very different culture and environment on the other side of the world. The Nines are also natural leaders and, at times, may just assume they are in charge even if they are not. 

  • They take care of everyone less fortunate but often have difficulty speaking up when they need help, love or a hug.
  • They are the least judgmental and most tolerant of all numbers.  
  • They often feel unloved or abandoned by one or both of their parents (and oftentimes this is actually the case).  Extremely difficult for a Nine to let go of the past. 
  • They are friendly and people are drawn to them.  They are selfless and feel deeply for those less fortunate.  They are often required to overcome a lot in their lifetime…loneliness, health issues, or even financial difficulties. 

Keywords: Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Kind and caring, Healer, Intuitive power, Extremes of emotion, Universality, Endings

Character Traits:


  • They have a deep understanding of life
  • They make friends easily
  • They have a deep desire to help others
  • They are compassionate
  • They have a philosophical nature
  • They are spiritual healers


  • They often have difficulty believing that giving can be satisfying
  • They possess a personal ambition
  • They reject humanitarianism     
  • They feel no compassion for those less fortunate
  • They possess a selfish attitude
  • They do not work for the common good

Some lessons, desires, etc. that may be encountered on a Nine Life Path:

  • Those on a 9 Life Path would like to be a big brother to all of mankind.  
  • They see the good in everyone.
  • They want to give all the benefits of their knowledge and experience, but they may experience difficulty in finding an outlet for their creative abilities. They possess wisdom and intuition and, while they desire personal love,  they really belong to the Universe.
  • Those on a 9 Life Path are spiritual and have faith and a driving need to know the answers and to perceive the truth.
  • They are idealistic and often saddened at the lack of perfection they perceive in the world.  Their pleasure comes in giving but they also have a need to realize there is little, if any, return for the giving. 
  • There is a need for them to learn selflessness and service for the benefit of others and to develop definiteness, balance and emotional control. 
  • The Nine  sometimes desires happiness through material gain.  This desire can lead to disappointment as he/she often finds it difficult to believe that happiness can be found in selfless service to others.   
  • The Nine is not particularly romantic or passionate and can be an impossible lover.  You never know what to expect from him/her.  He/she can be easily hurt by unexpected responses.  While they may hide their heart, they are definitely loyal friends. 
  • The Nine symbolizes endings and completion, and choices will need to be made and endings not resisted.  Often they are tempted to just end things so it is done on his/her terms.  In the long run, it is best to let it take its course as it comes.  They need to understand and accept that with every ending, there is a new beginning and new spiritual consciousness.
  • The Life Path of the 9 will often seem to be a very lonely life.  They may not stay in one locale for long periods of time as they often feel called upon to pick up and hit the road.  This will happen if they feel they are alone so they will flee seeking companionship and understanding.
  • All in all those on a Nine Life Path are humanitarian, metaphysical,  and philanthropic.  They are compassionate and empathetic.  They are healers.


~Margaret Rustan