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In our Universe, the Sun is our source of light and life force.  Ancient teachings tell us that our Universe evolved from the Great White Light, the reflection of the Creator.  Primitive man worshiped the Sun as God because he knew that without light there could be no life.

The surface or skin of every living thing - animal, mineral, plant or man - is sensitive to and absorbs the light.  Human eyesight has the ability to distinguish more than seven million colors, tints and hues.  The eye is filled with 250,000 color decoding cones.

Color is frequency of light.  Light travels at 186,000 miles per second.  As it travels, it vibrates in a perfect rhythm in the form of waves.  The distance from each peak to peak is the wavelength.  The rate of vibration between these peaks is called the frequency.  The greater the distance from peak to peak, the slower the frequency and the easier for us to see. 

Color, in itself, is not an inherent characteristic of any object.  It is light, broken down into wavelengths and different vibratory rates.  The objects achieve their color through absorption or reflection.  White is the total reflection of all light waves and black is the total absorption of all light waves.

Color will elicit an emotional or intellectual response to that which the eye registers in the form of feelings.  An emotionally responsible person will react freely to color.  An emotionally inhibited individual may be shocked by color because it intrudes into the inner life that he attempts to keep hidden from the outside world.  An emotionally indifferent or rigid person is not apparently ready to be significantly affected by color. 

Each color contains a positive and a negative effect and can be a strong, but usually subtle, force that shapes our behavior and reactions.  For example:

  • I'm feeling blue - the peaceful blue sky
  • Sunshine yellow of happiness - the yellow-belly
  • Green with envy - healing power of green
  • It's a red-letter day - so mad, he saw red.  
Ultraviolet lights are used to clean the air in operating rooms.

Premature infants born with jaundice are treated under blue lights.

Laser beams that are intense beams of light, are used to burn tumors away, control excessive bleeding during surgery and to fuse retinas to the back wall of the eye.

The list goes on, but the bottom line is that color plays a definite part in our daily lives and is very much a part of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health because it can stimulate, excite, depress, soothe, anger, cool, warm, energize or tranquilize.  Color, being pure cosmic rays of light and energy, is observed first in the Etheric Double, where it will work to normalize the physical body, helping it to rebuild and heal itself.

Color healing, called Chromotherapy, is based on the theory of Chromopathy (color projection) which states that since color influences all aspects of the individual (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), it is helpful in healing any dis-harmony or dis-ease found in any aspect of the individual.  It can also be used in the search for enlightenment, for the attunement with Self and the Universe, and even to communicate with intelligence that is far beyond our five senses.

Color healing is not new to this time in which we live.  For centuries Color and Light have been used in many forms to treat dis-ease: 

Esoteric Psychology - A Treatise on the Seven Rays

  •  Amulets 
  • Gemstones
  • Flowers
  • Natural Substances 
  • Color Visualization
  • Color Breathing
  • Color Lamp
  • Solarized Water
  • Photochromotherapy


 All of the items and substances used (there are many more than mentioned above) were and are believed to contain healing power based on their particular color or combination of colors.

Ancient Egyptians used color in their healing temples at Heliopolis.  They had assigned colors to the body, mind and spirit as:
  • Red to the Physical
  • Yellow to the Astral/Mental
  • Blue to the Spiritual

Mind is the builder.  When your Mental Body is in perfect harmony with the Creative Forces, the colors will reach each of your Chakras in pure form.  If your Mental thoughts are negative in nature, the colors passing to the Chakras will be out of balance to the same degree that your mental activity is out of balance.  It behooves us, each, to remember  that while color reflects our Soul, our Spirit, our Mind and our Body, the mere presence of color indicates a lack of perfection and completeness.  If we were all we could be, if we had reached the point of perfection, we would be pure White.  Until we reach that point, we have the color blue from which to draw comfort and peace, the color red from which to draw strength and individuality and the color yellow from which to draw joy and laughter.

With all this in mind ... let us begin our “Rainbow Dance” - click a color to begin ...

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