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Whatsoever A Man Soweth, That Shall He Also Reap

The study of Metaphysical Mediumship, Mental or Physical, can become a source of great satisfaction.  It all depends on YOU - how you  use what you learn and your motives for the study.

Mediumship is divided into two general categories:  Mental (subjective ... existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the object of thought) and Physical (objective...being the object of perception of thought, belonging to the object of thought rather than to the thinking subject).


Mediumship is the cooperative sharing, between a human being and Spirit, of time, space and energy.  This sharing is brought into being to bring forth knowledge that cannot be obtained through ordinary channels.

Psychic   (Gr...psychiokos, "psyche, soul, or that which is mental")

A Psychic uses his/her sub-conscious mind or super-conscious mind in the psychic skill.  The majority of Psychics are both a Medium and a Psychic.

Medium    ("mediator", go between)

A Medium is a channel through which Spirit is allowed to perform a psychic skill.  Not all Mediums are psychic.

A few discoveries you will make once you have begun this journey are:

  • An open mind and an open nature are a must for the acquisition and internalization of knowledge.
  • Ego is important, but the ego must remain unclouded.
  • It is important that there is a balance in the development of the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical bodies.  This balance can be attained through a daily discipline of study, meditation, centering, exercise and proper diet.
  • Fear needs to be erased from the consciousness.  It is man's only enemy ... fear of insecurity at some level.  Faith must be substituted for fear as fear is only inverted faith.  It is faith in negative results rather than positive ones.
  • Mental attitude is the cause, experience is the effect.  Feelings of insecurity come from making the externals of life (experiences) causes, when, in reality, they are the effects.
  • Change your mode of thought and you will change your future.  Your future is, in reality, your present made manifest.
  • Whatever is held in the consciousness until it becomes a part of the subjective side of thought, tends to take place in the physical world.
  • Never affirm inwardly anything you would not wish to experience outwardly.  Thought is a measurable force in nature and is capable of bringing about changes in human beings other than the originator of the thought.

The thought was first,

The word was spoken,

The manifestation took place.

The key to finding our answers lies within. 

What goes around, comes around.

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