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Symbol of Energy

Orange is a combination of the physical energy of Red and the cheerfulness of Yellow and it offers us the emotional strength to bounce back from disappointments and grief.

Orange is the National color of the Netherlands.

In Buddhism it is the color of Illumination. It is commonly worn by monks and holy men in Asia

By some Native American tribes it is symbolic of kinship

It aids in the internalization of new ideas.

Americans associate it with Halloween and Thanksgiving.

It represents the changing of seasons.

Orange is a great appetite stimulant, not 


only for food but for the good things in life such as abundance, self-esteem, confidence and sense of identity. It helps us remove inhibitions and allows us to become independent and social.

While the color has always existed it was unnamed in Europe until sometime in the 16th Century. The first orange trees were shipped from Asia to Europe in the 16th century and they were called “naranga”. Germany and the Netherlands called the oranges the Chinese Apple and that name still exists in parts of those countries.

The color of our orange foods is derived from carotene which is a type of orange photosynthetic pigment. This pigment transmits light energy that the plants absorb from chlorophyll. Carrots were usually purple or white or red, depending on which continent they were grown. As a tribute to their King, William of Orange, the Dutch bred a variety that was orange. Thus...we now have orange carrots.

Orange is used as a “safety” color in many areas. It is used for traffic cones, barrels and orange vests are worn by construction workers, various law enforcement agencies and it is used to indicate a change in the terrorist threat against our country.

Those who live and function in the energies of orange are quite impressionable and open to their environment and the people in it. They strive to maintain their balance and not to be quick to jump right in and either be the rescuer or the victim.

This means a balance between the fire of the red and the joy of the yellow must be strived for. Orange is a power number and has great healing energy and both attributes need to be used in a positive way. When in balance it is fun and flamboyant and it radiates warmth and energy.


Orange - Spleen

Characteristics: The Social Ray of Service to Mankind, ray of wisdom, emotional/astral nature, health in the body, individuality of outlook, the worker. It is courage, enthusiasm, ideas, mental concepts, optimism, self-confidence, thoughtfulness, tolerance.

Astrological Sign: Leo (I Love)

Body: Endocrine System, Reproductive System

Organ: Nose 

Chakra: Spleen (Svadisthana..abode of the vital force)

Aura Level: Emotional

Skill: Clairsentience

Elements and Metals: Aluminum, arsenic, boron, calcium, carbon, helium, manganese,nickel, oxygen, selenium, silicon, most alkalines


Day: Monday

Element: Water

Foods: Apricot, cantaloupe, carrots, dairy products, eggs, mangoes, nectarines, oranges, peaches, persimmons, pumpkins, rutabagas, saffron.

Fragrance:  Neroli, Lemongrass

Hormones: Insulin and pancreatic juices

Taste: Astringent

Time Perspective: do NOW for the future. Past is unimportant in relation to future. Act NOW to change the future.

 Gems: Mother-of-Pearl, carnelian, fire opal, Brazilian agates, orange sapphire, tourmaline, amber, calcite

Holiday: Candlemas

Letters: B, K, T

Musical Note: “RE”...D

Organ: Tongue

Physical Sense: Taste

Planet(s): Moon

raw orange citrine

Raw Orange Citrine 

Polarity: Positive

Properties: Alkaline, magnetic, non-stringent, stimulates, thermal, is warming

Sense: Principle of taste

Emotional and/or Psychological Aspects Associated with Orange: 

  • (Positive in Nature): Altruistic, ambitious, expansive, friendly, humanitarian, hospitable, jovial, optimistic, social, warm, creative, emotionally available and the energy and inspiration to manifest.
  • (Negative in Nature): Anti-social, blustering, gaudy, intrusive, mistrustful, politically manipulative, power seeking, social climbing, superficial

 Conditions Responding to the Color Orange:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Calcium metabolism
  • Colds
  • Concrete Mind
  • Depresses Parathyroid action
  • Expands Lungs
  • Glandular revitalization
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Inflammation of Kidneys
  • Lung Builder
  • Muscle spasms
  • Nervous System
  • Respiratory stimulant
  • Self confidence
  • Strengthens Etheric Body

Contra-Indicated for the Following Conditions (same as the color Red):
  • Emotionally Disturbed
  • Infections
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Fevers
  • Inflammation
  • Hypertension


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