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  • (Condensed Energy...Matter Acting on Matter)

The first Chakra represents our relationship to our Physical Body and to the Material World we find ourselves in. It helps to ground us but when we are in an unbalanced state, we may become fearful of nature, worried about surviving and have a tendency to acquire additions.

Also referred to as: 

  • Muladhara (Memory-time-space. The foundation of all human knowledge.)
  • The Flaming Cross
  • Survival Chakra
  • The Home of the Kundalini
  • Center of Manifestation
The function of the Root Chakra is to influence sexual activity, creativity, and regeneration. It is concerned with the functions that keep the Physical Body alive i.e., the basic security of paying the rent, buying groceries, maintaining adequate clothing, etc. If you should find yourself in an emergency situation the Root Chakra will kick in and release the information that will enable you to stay alive or help keep someone else alive.

The Adrenalin will rush with such force that a small woman will be capable of lifting a heavy car off her child.

The Adrenal Gland is our fight-or-flight instrument. It is connected neurologically with the Solar Plexus.

Anger and fear come from the Adrenals and the Gonads and are generally responsible for the creation of illness or disease.

If you are out of money, you've lost your car, the cupboard is bare, the cat needs to go to the vet, and your spouse has just left you...the chances are very good that you are in “survival” or dealing with your first Chakra energy.

AGE: Birth to 7 (acquires language and relationship skills and learns the ins and outs of the culture it was born into.)


  • The perineum, the point between the anus and the sex organs
  • Plexus: sacral or pelvic
  • Gonads: glomus coccygeum or coccygeal body


  • The Foundation
  • Life, strength, power, vitality, health vigor, sexual energy
  • The qualities of resistance and solidity
  • Strengthening of the self-image as a child of the ever-evolving earth energy.


  • Lymph System, Nervous System, Elimination System, Prostate Gland in men
  • Spinal column, lower extremities, blood, vitality, individuality, survival, trust
  • Ability to be grounded and nourished, unity
  • The connection to the Mother and to Mother Earth.



  • Activator: Red (heightens connection to the Earth and gives strength to your basic life force urges.)
  • Antidote: Blue


  • Aries
  • Scorpio


  • Cherry Plum (#5) learning to let go
  • Clematis (#6) grounding
  • Gorse (#13) integration of joy and sorrow
  • Pine (#24) taking responsibility for your life
  • Sweet Chestnut (#30) trusting your own development

It is usually advisable to combine two of the remedies. Do not take them longer than two weeks. Wait two weeks before resuming ingestion.)

ELEMENT: Earth/Matter

EMOTION: Passion

ESSENTIAL OILS: Angelica, Frankincense, Rosewood

ETHERIC OLOR and ACTIVITY: White – Cosmic Purity

FLOWER ESSENCES: Comfrey, Ginger, Red Juniper, Allspice, Flax

FOODS: Proteins, meats, red fruits and veggies


  • Red Garnet (invigorating energy, influences the Kundalini energy, improves male fertility)
  • Obsidian (Apache Tears, grounding, releases anger stored in body organs)
  • Smoky Quartz (disperses negative energy)
  • Bloodstone (opens and aligns base Chakra, calms anger)
  • Ruby (activates Kundalini, promotes tranquility)
  • Red Jasper (increases energy to bone structure, connects and grounds spirit forces in the body)


  • Red Raspberry (aids in the recognition of the importance of playtime.)
  • Ginseng (stimulates entire body, useful in stress management and fatigue, a male [yang] aphrodisiac)
  • Damiana (female [yin] aphrodisiac,mildly stimulates urine flow, acts as a tonic to the Nervous System)
  • Garlic (natural antibiotic, antispasmodic and expectorant)


INNER SOUND: Bumblebee droning


MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: Low base drums, primitive drums, bassoon


PERSONALITY: Sensation type – Action Oriented




  • Jupiter – Etheric and Physical Bodies
  • Mars - Drives
  • Mercury

REALM: Physical

SENSE: Principle of Smell

  • (organ) Nose



SUBTLE BODY: Physical/Etheric


  • The Hermit (the eternal search for truth and enlightenment)
  • The suit is Pentacles

TONE: E (as in bed)

VEHICLE: Elephant

WORLD: Bhuloka

ARCHANGEL: Auriel (Angel of Wisdom, “God Is My Light”)

  • Brahma, The Creator: (the Lord of the gross physical or material world)
  • Dakini: (the carrier of ever-pure intelligence)
  • Shakti: (divine force, manifesting to destroy demonic forces and restore balance)
  • Para, The Awakener of eternal knowledge: (meditate on Para to be free of disease.)
  • Other: Atlas, Gaia, Ceridwen


  • African tribesmen
  • American Indian
  • Celtic
  • Hatha Yoga


  • Survival, grounding, patience, courage, stability
  • Too much Yin indicates lack of grounding
  • Too much Yang indicates being too controlling


  • Safety of family
  • Ability to provide necessities
  • Ability to stand up for self
  • Social and familiar
  • Law and order

The Root Chakra energy is influenced by the earliest relationship experiences of a child as that with the parents, siblings, etc. If the child is given an open unconditional love, the energy will be balanced and healthy. Should the relationship be based on conditional love, the energy will be weak and out of balance. The energy is concerned with the birthplace, culture, foundation, and individual's connection with Earth.

The Root Chakra contains the Psychic Knot of Brahma (Granthi), which is an invisible, inverted triangle energy field housing the Kundalini power at the base of the spine. It is compared to a knot because of its cluster of energy and because the energy must be loosened before its journey up the Kundalini. The purification and transformation of the Chakra will lead to many forms of creative activity, personal growth, good health, healing, intuition, and intelligence.

Those who experience a balanced Root Chakra energy will be observed as being centered, grounded, in control of self, capable of manifesting material abundance, and possessing unlimited energy.

Those who experience an excess of Root Chakra energy will be observed as being egotistic, greedy, domineering, and excessively aggressive.

Those who experience deficient Root Chakra energy will be observed as being self-destructive, weak, unable to become grounded, and to lack self-confidence.

If the Root Chakra is not in balance, some of the dis-eases that may be experienced are:

  • Ovarian or uterine problems
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Prostate
  • Constipation
  • Overweight
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Tension in the spine

Within the Adrenals and the Gonads are the Cells of Leydig. It is here that a choice is presented – the energy may be directed upward and outward or it may circle through the Adrenals and the Thymus and back down again (Wheel of Karma). It is here that we experience temptation in the Earth domain. 

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