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I made my way back to our campsite and got there just a wee bit before my family. The fire had died down although the coffee was still hot. My husband and I had a cup of coffee and decided to head back down the mountain before it got dark. I had not mentioned my previous little jaunt into the mountain nor did I mention this one.

As we wound our way down the mountain I told him to drive slowly because I wanted to breathe in the coming of evening in the forest. He was agreeable and we went slowly around the many curves. As we rounded one rather large curve, there was a big buck standing in the middle of the road. My husband slammed on the brakes and we came to a complete halt because the buck was not moving.

I saw a small movement out of the corner of my eye and as I turned my head to see what it was, I saw my Pixie. He was cowering in the ditch. I jumped out of the truck and the squeaky door and sudden movement scared him. He took off up the embankment. I followed, stumbling over the loose rocks and getting a handful of stickers in my hands as I clambered up the embankment. I followed him through the trees, calling his name as I ran. We were in a marshy area and I found myself sloshing in water up to my ankles. The thought of the possibility of getting snake bit or falling into quicksand flashed through my mind but I quickly dismissed it.

After following him for some distance, I stopped and began calling his name, over and over. It was getting dark in the trees and I was having trouble seeing my way. Finally I heard a plaintive cry and knew he was beginning to associate with the sound of my voice and his name. I kept calling his name and slowly inched my way towards the sound of his cries. I found him crouched down in a small opening. I stood very still and then crouched down to the ground and held my arms out to him. I kept talking to him and he finally came to his feet and very slowly and cautiously approached me. When he got close enough I reached to pick him up and he let me. I was crying and he was crying.

I turned to make my way back to the truck hoping I was going in the right direction. After walking for several minutes I was able to let out a sigh of relief for there in front of us was the road, the truck and darned if the buck wasn't still standing in the middle of the road. As I came down the embankment and got back into the truck, the buck sauntered off the road into the trees. Pixie was all over me. Marking me and kissing me and crying. He yowled so much in his happiness that by the time we got back down the mountain he had lost his voice. He appeared to be none the worse for wear. Perhaps a little thinner than last I saw him, but he looked beautiful to me.

How that little guy survived six months on the mountain is beyond my comprehension. I can only think he had help. Whatever enabled him to survive, I am eternally grateful that he was brought back to us. Needless to say, Pixie never went camping with us again; but we continued our weekly trips to Panther Meadows.

The following weekend we were back at Panther Meadows. As usual, the hubby and kids went exploring and I found myself watching the path for Mikel. He appeared a little after 10 a.m. that morning and we set off into the trees once again. After entering the mountain, passing the "museum" and healing room, Mikel selected another passageway. This passageway was narrower than the previous ones I had seen, and it was definitely stone. Again, there was light.

We walked a short distance down the passageway and I saw we were approaching an area that contained several pieces of machinery. The machinery turned out to be vehicles. Mikel walked to the first one and motioned me to get in. It was a small vehicle with two seats. They resembled bucket seats. I could see no dashboard or any sort of instrumentation. There was one small area that had three buttons on it. He pushed one and the vehicle rose from the ground. It hovered there until he pushed the second button and the vehicle began to move forward. There was no steering wheel or visible means of controlling the vehicle. (Never did find out what the third button was for.)

As we wove our way through various tunnels I observed pieces of lava (at least that was what I thought them to be) on the floor of the tunnel and imbedded in the walls. Parts of the tunnels were quite narrow and other parts opened into larger areas. It was a maze of tunnels and offshoots. I had no idea how far we had gone, if we had traveled upward or downward or on the same level. 

There was a definite fluctuation in temperature as we traveled the various tunnels. Nothing really unpleasant but there were spots that were warmer than others. We reached what I will identify as a landing dock where there were a number of similar vehicles sitting empty. We emerged from the small craft and made our way through another passageway into a large room which was in complete contrast to the tunnels we have just traveled.

The room had a very high ceiling and was full of luscious green plants, trees and flowers, many of which I couldn't identify. The room was warm, not hot, and I could feel the moisture in the air. There appeared to be direct sunlight in the room but I saw no openings that would admit sunlight. 

I asked Mikel about the light and he told me that it was indeed sunlight and it reached the room through a series of mirror-like apparatus that were used to funnel it in from the mountain top. He went on to explain that there were many rooms such as this that were used to grow the food necessary to sustain the remaining guard inside the mountain and to maintain a proper environmental balance for the occupants within the mountain. He pointed out what appeared to be a ventilation system near the ceiling. He explained that there were many of them distributed throughout the mountain.

We walked among the plants and trees, talking about the Brotherhood, the future of Mother Earth, the lost civilizations of our past, the work to be done to preserve our present society, the predicted upcoming tilting of the Earth on her axis, and last but truly not least-the beauty of a moonless night. We found that we each preferred the moonless nights because only then can the true beauty of our Universe and stars be appreciated. 

As we were leaving I asked him if we were still in Mt. Shasta and he said we were. He motioned me back to the landing dock and the small craft took us back to our starting point. We walked back out into the trees and to the clearing of the meadow. Mikel told me that the next time we met we were going "traveling".

I asked him what he meant by that and he just smiled and said "You'll see."