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  • (Energy..Energy Acting on Matter)

This second Chakra represents the flow of emotional and sexual energy. When those energies are unbalanced the creative, emotional and sexual energies may be blocked and, as a result, a lack of feeling nurtured may occur.

Also referred to as:

  • Svadishana (abode of the vital force, reason, home of intellect, one's own abode)
  • Splenic Center
  • Sacral Center
  • The Sub-Conscious of
    Material Man

  • Support of Life-Breath Chakra
  • Stress Chakra
The function of the Spleen Chakra is:

Connected with the Liver, Pancreas, and Spleen and...
All the glands that directly affect our:
  • Metabolism:
  • Digestion
  • Detoxification of our systems,
  • Keeping our Immune System at a level to combat disease and
  • Maintaining a blood-sugar balance in our bodies.

This is the area that can recognize other people's feelings and emotions. This is called Clairsentience (clear-knowing). Many of us have very active second Chakras and are quite psychic without being consciously aware of it.

While it is good to be able to “get into” other people and have the ability to sense a dangerous situation, if one does exist, it is not desirable to remain “wide-open” at all times. It is far too easy to take on other's emotions and/or problems. For example: you are in a good mood as you meet a friend for lunch. Your friend is depressed and has many problems. You listen to her cries of woe and “why me, Lord” all during lunch and when lunch is over your friend feels great (having unloaded all over you), goes on her merry way and you have managed to take on her depression. In such encounters, it is to your benefit to become an observer not a participant. It is most important to be able to stay “closed down” in such situation. It is also important to be able to discern your own emotions from those you have accepted from other people.

This Chakra is said to be the original home of the Kundalini. The dropping of the Kundalini to the Root Chakra corresponds with the physical migration of the male testes during the viviparous period.

The center in the brain that corresponds to this Chakra controls the Collective Unconscious Mind which, in turn, controls much of human behavior. All experiences are recorded in this Center.

This Center is also said to house all the experiences, and associated Karma, that have contributed to the process of human evolution. It contains all residual Karmic forces of past evolution.

When this Center is awakened, the individual will become aware of increased intuitive powers, more definitive knowledge of the Astral Body, and the possible ability to create taste sensations in self and others.

AGE: 8 to 14 (learn to reason and ask why and very often begin Astral Travel)


  • One to two inches below the Navel
  • Plexus: hypogastric
  • Spleen: (Peyer's Patches)


  • Service to Mankind
  • Optimism
  • Self-confidence
  • Enthusiasm
  • Adaptability
  • Courage
  • Willingness to feel with and deal with emotions
  • Socialization


  • Attraction of opposites
  • Communication to the Inner Being (regarding food, sex, wants, needs)
  • Lumbar Plexus
  • Polarities
  • Gall bladder, kidneys, stomach
  • Mammary Glands
  • Female Reproductive organs
  • Change



  • Activator: Reddish-Orange (changes sexual energy and
    enhances the Immune System

  • Antidote: Indigo

ATROLOGICAL SIGN(S): Leo (Orange/Gold)


  • Crab Apple (#10) Getting rid of what you cannot digest
  • Elm (#11) Turning your ideas into reality
  • Mimulus (#20) Enjoying the freedom within fixed structure
  • Oak (#22) Surrender
  • Vervain (#31) Accepting others
  • Wild Rose (#37) Taking part in life fully and joyfully


EMOTION: Desire, pleasure

ESSENTIAL OILS: Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood

Violet ... transmutation, invocation, freedom

FLOWER ESSENCE(S): Red Deadnettle, Uva Ursa, Chamomile, Flax

FOODS: Liquids, orange fruits and veggies


  • Tiger's Eye (gives courage,, strength, endurance
  • Carnelian (good masculine energy, gives balance, is assertive)
  • Amber (absorbs negative energy, stimulates DNA process)
  • Wulfenite (energizer and purifier for the Physical Body)


Wood Betony (stimulates liver meridian, helps move through anger and other strong issues associated with sexual abuse and/or disease)

Black Cohosh (balance female hormones, aids against menstrual cramps and pain, aids high blood pressure and circulation)

Pennyroyal (breaks fevers or lung infections, brings on menstrual flow, good for cramps, colds and intestinal pain...not to be ingested if you are pregnant)

INCENSE(S): Orris Root, Gardenia, Damiana

INNER SOUND: Astral Flute


MUSICAL INSTUMENT: Electric guitar, marimbas, saxophone, rhythm instruments


REALM: Between the Physical and the Spiritual (Astral or Electrical Realm)

SENSE: Principle of Taste (appetite)

  • (organ) Tongue



SUBTLE BODY: Emotional/Astral


  • The Lovers (division or separation)
  • The Moon (subconscious thought)
  • The Suit is Cups

TONE: O (as in hose)

VEHICLE: Crocodile

WORLD: Bhuvarloka



  • Vishnu, The Preserver (all pervading life force of the Universe)
  • Rakini, Goddess of Knowledge (meditate here to be free of anger, greed, etc.)
  • Shakti
  • Other: Diana, Poseidon, Dionysius


  • Pentecostal type religion
  • Tantra Yoga


  • Surrender
  • Creativity (in harmonizing opposites)
  • Giving and receiving
  • Jung saw this Energy Center as reflecting an ancient level of consciousness, when human beings lived like fish in the ocean of the unconscious. (The Tree of Philosophy)
  • Assimilation of new ideas.
  • The lessons in this Chakra should always be seen from the point of view of opposites


  • Power and control
  • Ethics and honor in relationships
  • Creativity
  • Guilt
  • Blame
  • Money and sex

This is the Center for internal cleansing, purification and good health. This is also the Center that is used in the practice of Tantric Yoga because the second Chakra deals with sexual energy insofar as it is from this point that we send and receive sexual feeling. (Tantric Yoga is a form of meditation that focuses on sexual union as a way of achieving higher states of consciousness.) This is also the Center of Logic and Analysis. It is the dwelling place of the Pundit (a very learned person) and the refuge of the Pragmatist (a practical person).

As you develop the Spleen Chakra you will become aware of Astral traveling. It becomes easier to remember your travels and to eventually control them at a conscious level. (Consciously being in two places at the same time.)

Those who experience a balanced Spleen Chakra energy will be observed as being friendly, creative, concerned about the welfare of others, possessing a good sense of humor, being optimistic, and in tune with their own feelings.

Those who experience an excessive Spleen Chakra energy will be observed as being aggressive, overly ambitious, self-serving,manipulative, with emotionally explosive responses.

Those who experience a deficient Spleen Chakra energy will be observed as being over-sensitive, resentful, shy, timid, distrustful, and possibly unable to function because of deep fears.

This Center contains the Psychic Knot of Vishnu that is an invisible, inverted triangle energy field. This energy field must be loosened before the Kundalini can continue its upward journey.

If the Spleen Chakra is not in balance, some of the dis-eases that may be experienced are:

  • Sexual potency
  • OB/gyn problems
  • Bladder of kidney
  • Chronic low back problems, sciatica, pelvic pain
  • Lumbar vertebrae
  • Stiffness in body including arthritis
  • Large and small intestines

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