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As I went through the open door, I saw a set of 7 steps that went down to a small landing and then continued down to the right of the landing. There was a slightly damp, musty smell, not unpleasant, but indicating that we had entered an area that was not often graced with the presence of fresh air. It was obvious we were inside a mountain for the walls were stone.

We reached the landing, and I paused to look around. I saw that we were in a small barren room which gave me the feeling we had entered an entry way or foyer. The room was bathed in a soft light from a source I could not identify. There was no evidence of lamps or bulbs or indirect lighting.

We descended to the floor of the room and the young man walked to the far wall, touched it, and a door opened. The door had not been visible from the landing. It blended into the wall in such a manner that if you didn't know exactly where it was, you would have no idea that a door even existed.

I followed him through the door and found myself in a very large, high ceiling stone room. This room was also well lit with light from an undetermined source. As we walked across the room to what appeared to be a large hallway, I saw there were a number of entryways around the room each of which appeared to have a large hallway leading from it. We walked to the far side of the room and continued down the hallway. (Perhaps passageway would be a more accurate description.) The passageway led us to another large room. This room had furniture and large glass enclosed cases. He took me to the cases and pointed to some pieces of flat stone. As I got closer to the cases, I saw that there was some form of printing on each stone. I could not recognize the language. 

I turned to ask him what the stones represented, and before I could ask, he smiled and said "You have no memory now, but these are the sacred tablets that you and your workers spirited out of Atlantis as the flood waters rose to destroy the land." He went on to explain that we (was not sure who he meant as 'we' at the time) had taken the tablets to a cave and had hidden them. As he told the story, I could see in my mind a number of small, 2 person crafts, that were moving very fast through deep water. They gradually slowed as they approached a cave and as they entered the cave, I could see them rise to the surface of the water. The cave was very large.

As the occupants of the small crafts opened the vehicles to emerge, they were greeted by others who hurriedly took possession of the stone tablets and disappeared through entryways in the cave.  As the tablets were removed from the crafts, the occupants re-entered the little ships and left the cave as they had entered. At that point, my visualization stopped, but I had a sense of having been there. It took a few minutes to come back out of the feeling of anxiety, and at the same time, the excitement I had experienced as I watched the little ships in the water. There had been a feeling of great relief and accomplishment as the tablets were handed over, and I could hear the prayers of thanks being offered.

There was little activity in this room. There were a number of backless benches, which sat in front of each case. I had the same feeling in this room as I have had visiting a museum. At this point, I realized I didn't know what to call him. He had not given me his name. I asked him what his name was, and he said I could call him Mikel. Mikel motioned me to follow him again, and we entered another room. 

(By the way, the "museum" room and this room are what I would say were fairly normal rooms. The ceilings were probably only 15 feet high and the ceiling and walls were covered with some material that almost appeared to be metal except I didn't feel the coldness that I do when I am around metal, [If that makes any sense to you]. The floors were very smooth - I have no idea what the covering was, and it was shiny.) 

This second room contained seven large, upright cylinders. I would guess they were each probably 10 feet high and 4 feet across. Again, I don't know the material they were constructed from; although it appeared to be glass, I don't think it was. The cylinders were filled with a liquid substance (looked like a gelatinous consistency) and each had a beam of light shining down from the top. The liquid substance was a different color in each cylinder. The colors appeared to match pretty much the colors we have designated for the seven major chakras. 

In this room, there were a number of people (to me they appeared to be as human as I am) working around the cylinders. They were each placing small pieces of paper (at least it looked like paper) on the various colored cylinders. I saw that each attachment had writing on it. Mikel explained that they were working healing on various individuals and on Mother Earth, herself. They would inscribe the attachment (or attachments, if a combination of colors was required) with the name or location that required healing. The attachments would assume the color of the cylinder as the healing energies were dispersed. When the attachment attained the exact color of the cylinder or the exact hue required by the inscription, it would dissolve.

We watched them work for a while, and Mikel suggested I might like to enter into a study of color healing. I agreed that perhaps I would. As we left the healing room, Mikel looked at me and said "Your family is returning to the campsite. We had best return also."

We left the same way we had entered. When we were once again in the forest, Mikel said "We will meet again for there is much more for you to see and remember. Be careful returning down the mountain. Drive slowly, and you will discover something dear to your heart."

Mikel did not return to the campsite with me. He waved and returned to the mountain entrance.