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Emotional “cords” (ethereal strings) are quite a common occurrence. These cords can run or extend between parent and child, husband and wife, siblings, lovers, teachers and students, enemies, etc. (even between people who are not personally acquainted). Normally, cords are not consciously implanted. But, because cords deal with emotions (on whatever level), they can be implanted in the flash of an eye, particularly in a crisis situation.

These cords can be located while you are in a meditative state that you are using just for this purpose. As you locate a cord and trace it to its point of origin, you then make the determination to either remove it or let it stay.

 If you feel it is not a threat to your well being (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) you may decide to allow it to stay. If you feel it is not in your best interest to allow it to remain or it is a drain on you, remove it. 

There is a possibility the cord will be re-implanted if the individual feels truly needy or has a desire to “control” any part of your individuality. You may find it necessary to remove the cord several time before it remains removed. It is a good idea to check the entire Chakra system periodically for cords and this can be done during your meditations.

These cords are normally found in the Solar Plexus region of the body because that is the Seat of our Emotional Mind. However, cords may be found in any of the Chakra centers.

When you do your Chakra meditation, or cleansing, you will find that the message being sent through the cord has a different basis and meaning in each Chakra.


Root Chakra (Survival Center):

A cord found in the Root Chakra indicates that someone wants you to protect him/her or they need your strength. This is where your child or children may place cords. It is also the Center where a lover might place a cord if he/she “needs” you (A “needy” or co-dependent relationship may require some re-evaluation.)

Spleen Chakra (Clairsentience):

A cord found in the Spleen Chakra indicates that someone wants you to share and understand their problems and their emotions. This Center also deals with sexual energy and the message you get may be “I would like to get to know you better”.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Emotional and Psychic Energy Centers):

A cord found in the Solar Plexus Chakra indicates that someone desires your energy as a charge to his/her own. (If their Adrenals are not functioning correctly, it may be due to anxiety, self-loathing, and/or defeatism. They are looking to you for the Life Force that will enable them to function along healthier lines. It is usually best to remove this type of cord.)

Heart Chakra (Love, Harmony, Hope):

A cord found in the Heart Chakra indicates that someone desires your love or wants to tell you they love you. (If their Thymus is not functioning correctly, its probably because they feel like life is attacking them. They want what they perceive to be your harmony to put them back where they feel they have at least a 50/50 chance in handling life's many challenges.)

Throat Chakra (Clairaudience/Communication:

A cord found in the Throat Chakra indicates that someone wants or needs to communicate with you. (If their Thyroid is not functioning correctly, it probably indicates that the person feels trapped and humiliated because they never get to do what they want to do. They are looking at what they perceive to be your strengths to help them take control of their own lives. Too many of these cords or the implantation of a new, strong cord can cause a tightness or constriction of the throat.

Brow Chakra (Third-Eye/Clairvoyance):

A cord found in the Brow Chakra indicates that someone wants to be in your thoughts or wants to “get into” your head. He/she wants to read your mind, perhaps to find your strengths and weaknesses. This is an area you should monitor carefully and remove cords as soon as they are inserted. Students, or others, who feel a need to acquire what they perceive to be your “knowledge” or even “hidden wisdom” extend many of these cords.

Crown Chakra (Knowingness and Pure Intuition):

A cord found in the Crown Chakra indicates that someone wants to control you and your thought processes. (Often can be traced to a teacher you are taking a class from who is dedicated to enhancing your awarenesses and abilities.) If you have children, it is recommended that you check their Crown Chakra closely and often. You may find any number of unwanted cords that have been placed by those in authority (teachers, ministers, political figures, etc.) in an attempt to sway or form the child's belief system or to control or mold their thought processes.


Although the Hand and Foot Chakras are secondary Chakras, you may find cords have been implanted in those areas.

  • Hand Chakra (Creative Energy):

A cord found in the Hand Chakra(s) indicates that someone wants you to do things his/her way or to make something for them. If a cord is effectively placed in your hand(s), it can influence anything you attempt to do with your hands.

  • Foot Chakra (Grounding):

A cord found in the Foot Chakra(s) indicates that someone wants to either put you off balance, or to sweep you off your feet. Whichever the case, the cords are not for your best interests and should be removed.

You will develop your own system of removing cords. Some find they can psychically cut the cord, others simply pull the cords out. One student, who had found a cord (which she described as big as a tree trunk) implanted in her Solar Plexus Chakra by an ex-husband, used a Samurai sword to cut it. Although this may sound a bit extreme, (she did have a tendency to be a wee bit dramatic at times) it worked for her. So ... find what works for you and use it.

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