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"Your numerology section is one of the most accurate ones I've ever read, the Pinnacle Section was extremely accurate to the years my life events would start or end, it amazed me and I thought I'd let you know :)"

Pinnacles are sometimes referred to as High Points or Gateways.

Pinnacles are indicators of:

  • Probable areas of activity and expression.
  • How we may smooth our path.
  • The types of associations, events and situations which may be encountered.
  • The attitudes/outlooks/responses to those associations, events and situations which would best enable us to handle them.
  • Bringing in new situations and new people.

A Pinnacle influence is quiet and subtle.  It may account for an underlying dissatisfaction with work and/or way of life which may indicate a need to change career, place of residence, friends, current lifestyle, thought processes, etc.  Used properly, a Pinnacle will assist in achieving success in fulfilling your Life Path.

If a Pinnacle is the same as:

  • Your Soul Number…the events encountered will be harmonious with your desires.
  • Your Expression Number…support and assistance will be forthcoming to expand your abilities.
  • Your Life Path Number…your lessons will be easily assimilated.
  • Your Karmic Lesson Numbers…this will be a difficult period.

The first Pinnacle is the reduced total of the month and day of birth.
The second Pinnacle is the reduced total of the day and year of birth and covers a nine year period.
The third Pinnacle is the reduced total of the First and Second Pinnacle and it also covers a nine year period.
The fourth Pinnacle is the reduced total of the month and year of birth and continues to the time of transition.


  • A time to take the lead
  • A time of above average activity.
  • A time to work alone or as the leader.
  • A time to cultivate independence and self-reliance.
  • A time to refuse restrictions or limitations.
  • A time to use one’s own original ideas.
  • A time to examine and put forth one’s own ideals.                                  

Ages on a One Pinnacle:

  • First Pinnacle - 0-35
  • Second Pinnacle - 36-44
  • Third Pinnacle - 45-53
  • Fourth Pinnacle - 54 -


  • A time for partnerships
  • A time to pay attention to details.
  • A time to exercise tact and diplomacy.
  • A time for harmonization.
  • A time to work with others.
  • If it is a 2 reduced from an 11/2 there is a possible dissolution of a partnership in some form.

Ages on a Two Pinnacle:

  • First Pinnacle - 0-34
  • Second Pinnacle - 35-43
  • Third Pinnacle - 44-52
  • Fourth Pinnacle - 53 -


  • A time for social activity.
  • A time to develop talents.
  • A time for artistic stimulation.
  • A time for harmonization.
  • A time to work with others.
  • A time for creative self-expression.

Ages on a Three Pinnacle:

  • First Pinnacle - 0-33
  • Second Pinnacle - 34-42
  • Third Pinnacle - 43-51
  • Fourth Pinnacle - 52 -


  • A time for hard work.
  • A time to build a solid foundation.
  • A time of slow moving.
  • A time to exercise patience.
  • A time to bring order, system and organization into your life.
  • If the 4 is reduced from a 13/4, there is an indication of past life Karma coming in.  

Ages on a Four Pinnacle:

  • First Pinnacle - 0-32
  • Second Pinnacle - 33-41
  • Third Pinnacle - 42-50
  • Fourth Pinnacle - 51 -


  • A time for change.
  • A time for adventure.
  • A time to discard the old, worn-out.
  • A time of uncertain finances.
  • A time for new people.
  • A time to examine 

Ages on a Five Pinnacle:

  • First Pinnacle - 0-31
  • Second Pinnacle -  32-40
  • Third Pinnacle - 41-49
  • Fourth Pinnacle - 50 -


  • A time for family, home and children.
  • A time to help others.
  • A time to assume responsibilities.
  • A time for adjustments.
  • A time for harmony.
  • A time to give and receive love.

Ages on a Six Pinnacle:

  • First Pinnacle - 0-30
  • Second Pinnacle - 31-39
  • Third Pinnacle -  40-48
  • Fourth Pinnacle - 49 -


  • A time for spiritual awakening.
  • A time for introspection, self-examination.
  • A time to study (science, religion, metaphysics)
  • A time for analysis.
  • A time for being in seclusion.
  • A time of possible lack of material goods.
  • Not a good period to enter into a marriage.  
  • If the 7 is reduced from a 16/7 it may indicate an illicit love affair or a sudden change in finances …
    as if a rug has been pulled out from under.

Ages on a Seven Pinnacle:

  • First Pinnacle - 0-29
  • Second Pinnacle - 30-38
  • Third Pinnacle - 39-47
  • Fourth Pinnacle - 48 -


  • A time for expansion
  • A time for attainment.
  • A time for success, status
  • A time for authority
  • A time to experience a bit of old Karma perhaps

Ages on an Eight Pinnacle:

  • First Pinnacle - 0-28
  • Second Pinnacle - 29-37
  • Third Pinnacle - 38-46
  • Fourth Pinnacle - 47 -


  • A time to develop an altruistic point of view.
  • A time to put forth humanitarian efforts.
  • A time of endings and culminations,.
  • A time for possible disappointments in personal matters.
  • A time of intense emotions and drama.
  • Not a good time to enter into a marriage.

Ages on a Nine Pinnacle:

  • First Pinnacle - 0-27
  • Second Pinnacle - 28-36
  • Third Pinnacle - 37-45
  • Fourth Pinnacle = 46 -


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