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The weather had reached the stage where I felt it was too cold to take the boys for overnight camping. We had been pushing it for a couple weekends as it was, and the heavy quilts had been brought back out of the closet and stored in the camper. Our homemade camper was probably not the prettiest of campers, but it was solid. I could put the boys in the back with quilts and blankets under them, around them and over them and they stayed nice and warm. They had gotten their first introduction to winter underwear which, at first, didn't make them very happy but as it got colder, they were quite content to wear it.

Come Saturday morning and not being sure that the mountain wouldn't begin to sport a mantle of snow very soon, I had decided not to take the boys up with me. The road could be very dangerous to travel with snow and ice on it. Didn't want to take the risk of having them up there with the possibility of a snowfall. When we had first arrived at Shasta there were still patches of snow in areas that didn't get much sunlight but the chance of more snow had been slight. We had purchased chains for the truck and always carried extra gasoline and water with us in the back of the camper. I wouldn't have been able to put the darn chains on by myself, but at least I had them in case some helpful soul would take pity and help get them on.

I took the truck and headed for the mountain by myself. I have never had a problem being by myself and have always enjoyed basking in the energy of my surroundings and letting my thoughts wander in whatever direction they chose. 

I stopped at the hotel and chit chatted with Mother Mary. She was taking her group up the mountain in the afternoon for the last session of the year and asked if I would like to join them. She was such a great lady. Her heart was surely as big as Mt. Shasta itself and her love was boundless. 

The young people (commonly referred to as hippies in those days) who were drawn to Shasta always ended up at her hotel seeking not only her wisdom and advice but also shelter and food. She held teaching and meditation sessions on the mountain as often as she could. It was an inspiring sight to come upon them as they grouped around her, taking in her every word and gesture. During the winter months she would hold meditations in the lobby of the hotel. In those days, she had very few paying customers.

I feel that my association with Mother Mary and our friend (who had been a disciple of Yogananda) are the two relationships that set me on a spiritual quest that I realize has continued to this day. Just sitting here at my computer, attempting to bring back, in some semblance of order, the events of those some 30 plus years ago, feelings are

resurfacing that I have not experienced in many a moon. I am remembering the peace and contentment I experienced on the mountain and the surges of energy that made the hair on my arms stand at attention. I am experiencing an undesired urge to dust off my old student handbooks and once again become a facilitator of information. I wonder.

But, I digress. Back to my trip up the mountain that Saturday morning. I left Mother Mary with the promise that I would join the group if at all possible. I jumped in the truck (I have a vague recollection of the days when I could jump into a truck) and headed up the mountain. Once I got to Panther Meadows I was glad I had not brought the boys because it was really cold and windy there. I had parked the truck so that I could stay inside and watch the area where Mikel usually appeared and, appear he did. I got out to meet him and we once again entered the mountain.

The anticipation of his last promise that we would go traveling was almost more than I could bear. It was all I could do not to push him through doors and down passageways so he would move faster. To my surprise, we did not enter the passageway where we had secured the little vehicle that had transported up through the tunnels on my last visit.

Instead, we continued down the main passageway until we reached a larger than average doorway. Mikel held the door open for me and I was totally spellbound by what I saw as I entered the room. Now please bear with me because my descriptive abilities usually leave something to be desired; but, I will try to explain what I saw in such a way that you will be able to see it also. There were a number of freestanding consoles along the left side of the room.

Each console was approximately the size and shape of a small desk. There was a panel attached to the back of each console that rose about four feet above the desktop and appeared to be about a foot in depth. There was a small bank of button-like objects on the panels and across the bottom of the panel were a series of flickering colored buttons. I noticed that as the colors became brighter or darker the speed of the flickering increased or decreased. Mikel explained briefly that the consoles had features which allowed for the monitoring of the activities and any fluctuation of temperature within the various parts of the mountain. I suspected that was a rather limited explanation and that the purpose had greater implications than were given to me at the time but I didn't question his further.

On the entire wall to the right of the door where we entered was a map of sorts. I recognized our solar system and the various planets on one half of the map. The other half of the map contained planets and stars (I guess they were stars) which I was not familiar with. There were little pulsating lights on various parts of the two maps and at times some of them appeared to change position. I wasn't given much time to take a real close look and I really wanted to, but Mikel seemed to have some other destination in mind. In the area directly across from the entry door, was a large, cylindrical shaped object that had a shiny surface such as metal might reflect. As we approached the object I could see it was not metal - almost had the appearance of a fabric of sorts.

Mikel walked up to the object, touched an area about midway on the object and an opening silently appeared. We went inside. I saw there were five seats all connected to a solid beam which was across the floor of the object on the opposite wall of the entryway. Mikel took one of the seats and I followed suit. Had no idea what to expect, but had confidence in Mikel not to put me in any danger. The opening that we had come through closed, and I saw that the area we were in was actually separate from the outer shell. The object was actually two objects, one nestled inside the other. I was beginning to get butterflies in my stomach and found myself taking slow deep breaths in an effort to calm them down.

I asked Mikel for some explanation of why we were in the object and what was going to happen. He explained that the interior tube, the one in which we were located, was actually, in simplified terms, a form of traveling time machine. We were taking our journey that day with the traveling time machine.

He explained that it had been created and brought here literally thousands of centuries before and had been used by several civilizations up to the time that the personal form of "astral" travel or directed projection of consciousness had been perfected. He said I would this day see a past history that few in this time are privy to see. For his purposes that day and because I had no idea what directed projection of consciousness referred to, our journey was going to take place within the tube.

I found myself looking at scenery I could not identify. It was almost like watching a movie screen except that I had the sensation of movement. Mikel acted as a guide as different scenes appeared before me. I didn't recall seeing any windows in the object we had entered but I sure was able to see what Mikel was showing me. At first I thought I was flying and then I thought I was just observing and then I realized I was sitting in a ship whose interior was very similar to the ship that George Van Tassel had taken me aboard several years prior. 

As scenery sped by, I thought I recognized Saturn with its rings (although it sported several moons that had never been seen or at least I was not aware of) and then I knew where I was when I saw Planet Earth coming into view. We were traveling very close to the surface of the planet and there appeared to be very little human habitation. Each time we circled the planet, the surface changed. The energy of the planet changed and the colors emanating from it changed.

I saw sailing vessels turn into very sophisticated water-going vessels which could travel above or below the surface of the water. I saw flying vessels circling the planet, most in formation, and watched as they would speed off into space only to become invisible to the human eye and others coming down to take their place. I saw empty land become developed, food being grown, buildings coming into being, and with each new development, the colors again changed. I saw entire civilizations being born and dying. 

I saw land masses rise and fall and I felt the trauma as a polar shift took place. I saw pieces of continents break off and drift away. I saw huge beautiful animal forms coming to the planet and eventually disappearing. I saw light around human life forms and witnessed as it went from a beautiful light to a murky, dense darkness. I witnessed the rebirth or second coming of the light beings and once again, the colors of the planet changed. And most memorable, I felt and became one with the heartbeat of all that existed on the planet. I experienced the exhilaration of discovery and the heartache of destruction. I ran the entire gamut of emotions with the planet. I found myself weeping with her and celebrating the awakenings that took place.

There is much more...probably would take a volume to explain in detail all that flashed past, but I think you understand where I was that day. Always there appeared to be the presence of the observers. At times the shape and size of their vehicles changed, but there was not a time during our little jaunt when they were not present.