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Aspects of Mental Mediumship

For those of you who have an interest in the olde-tyme mediumship, I would like to share some of the pertinent information which I have gathered during my years in the Metaphysical arena.  My little bank of knowledge has been attained through years of research, through personal experience and from association with some incredibly talented psychics and mediums and healers.

Consider this posting as an introduction to the realm of the psychic and the medium.  If you find you would like to develop one or more of these abilities find a sitting development class or a Spiritualist or New Age Church and hop to it.

We will look at the individual Mental and Physical Mediumship forms and a few that are comprised of a combination of the two.  You will undoubtedly come to the realization, as you travel down this road, that you have experienced a number of them and you may find you want to hone the related ability.   

So ... lets begin this exploration into Mediumship with the many aspects of 
Mental Mediumship.

Mental (subjective...existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the object of thought)   which takes place within the consciousness of the Medium and is expressed verbally.  (Mental Mediumship is sometime referred to as Telepathic Mediumship which is the relaying of information, via thought, without using any of the five physical sense.) 

A Mental Medium allows Spirit to communicate through her/him to present information, channel energy, or for the purpose of manifestation in some form.  This form of communication will involve the cooperation between a live person, the Medium or Channel on the Earth Plane, and the Spirit Communicator or Operator who is in Spirit on the Astral or Etheric Plane.  (The Communicator is a Spirit who uses the serves of a Mental Medium to communicate with someone on the Earth Plane, either verbally or visually and the Operator is a Spirit who uses the services of a Physical Medium to manipulate energy or energy systems).

CLAIRAUDIENCE:  (Fr...Clear-audio/clear-hearing)  [a form of Clairvoyance]

This is the ability to perceive sounds (music, bells, etc.) or to receive information or messages through auditory impressions or "hearing voices".  These sounds and/or impressions register in the Pineal Gland and process as normal hearing.  Clairaudience is  easiest perceived in Alpha State.  It is associated with the Throat Chakra. 

Objective Clairaudience:

To hear sounds that appear to come from the atmosphere or environment (nature), i.e., the sound of grass growing, a flower opening or music or words that seem to come from "space".

Subjective Clairaudience:         

To hear sounds "within the head", i.e., music or words or even bodily functions such as the flow of blood, bile action, etc.

CLAIREMPATHY:   (Fr.  Clear emotion)

To feel or sense the attitudes of another person or be able to tune into the vibrations of an area or object and pick up the attitudes or emotions of those who had previously been in the area or had the object in their possession.  This ability is often used in police work.  (Not to be confused with Psychometry.) 

CLAIRGUSTANCE:  (Fr.   Clear-tasting)

To taste a substance or food without having the substance or food in the mouth (can indicate the presence of a guide, or of an illness).

CLAIRSCENT:  (Fr   Clear-smelling)

To smell a fragrance which is not in the area, such as food, flowers, or other substances.  Can indicate the presence of a guide or it can relate a message.  Occurs more easily when the psychic is in an Alpha State.

CLAIRSENTIENCE:  (Fr.   Clear-Sensation or feeling)  (A form of Clairvoyance)

The ability to "feel" or internalize someone else's pain or strong emotion without any other stimuli.  Also known as "gut feeling" or "inner knowing".  It is associated with the Spleen Chakra.

  • Functional Clairsentience:

A "hunch".  A sudden impulse to either do something that was not planned, or to change plans already made with no apparent cause to do so.  Many times accidents are avoided by this impulse.

  • Precognitive Clairsentience:

Receiving information regarding the future of a country or the world, weather condition, etc.  To "feel in your bones" or experience feelings of anxiety or insecurity with no apparent good reason.  A storm, earthquake, or other occurrence which would cause emotions to run high comes about and the feelings of anxiety, insecurity or anticipation pass away as soon as the event takes place.

  • Cognitive Clairsentience:

To perceive a fact that has slipped the Conscious Mind ("it was on the tip of my tongue"), after the Conscious Mind has stopped attempting to bring it forth.  It may also be a fact that comes forth, directly through the Super-Conscious Mind, by-passing the Sub-Conscience in the form of information that will complete a formula, give you the title of a book, etc

CLAIRTANGENCY:   (Fr.   Clear-touching)  See psychometry

CLAIRVOYANCE:  (FR.  Clear vision) (Clairvoyance is an umbrella term which often refers to telepathy, spiritualism, psychic research, second sight, prophetic visions and dreams)

The ability to receive objects or actions, removed in space or time from natural viewing, without the use of the physical organs.  It is associated with the perception of images and symbols and, in some instances,  scenarios are played out in their entirely.  It is associated with the Brow Chakra.   (One of the three aspects of E.S.P.)

  • Clairvoyance-In-Space:  (Traveling, psychic cognition)

To see psychically, those things that are presently happening beyond one's line of physical vision.

  • Clairvoyance-In-Time:  (Multidimensional)

          To see, psychically, things which have happened in the past or things which have not yet happened.

  •  X-Ray Clairvoyance:  (Medical Clairvoyance - Stand-up Psychic)

The ability to look into a human body and bring forth information concerning the health of that body.  (Edgar Cayce, 1877-1945) was the best known X-Ray Clairvoyant)  The ability to read billets, blindfolded, and give answers to questions asked.

  • Platform Clairvoyance:  (Stand-up  Reader)

To give mini-psychic readings from the platform at a public gathering or after a Church service.  The reader does not answer questions but goes from one person to another giving short messages to each one.  Sometimes known as the "As I Come Into Your Vibration" reader.

  • Traveling Clairvoyance:  (Projection, Astral Travel)

The ability to "travel", psychically, to another location, describe in detail the journey, the location, what is taking place, who is in attendance, etc.

  • Objective Clairvoyance:  (Astral Vision)

To see a vision outside the head (in the distance).  It can be likened to watching a movie or play.  The eyes can be open or closed.  The vision can vary from being a brief message, to seeing thought forms, guides, or giving a complete story.  This type of Clairvoyance needs to be controlled and done in a safe environment.

  • Subjective Clairvoyance:  (Inner Vision)

To see a vision inside the head (on the back of the eyelids or the back of the forehead).  The eyes can be open or closed.  These visions are usually a product of the Sub-Conscious Mind or the Guides.

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