Challenges are indicators of:

  • Qualities that are found to be lacking in the Self.
  • Weak links in our nature which we have chosen to strengthen this lifetime.
  • Hazards or difficulties likely to be encountered during a cycle.

Challenges normally deal with material concerns and outward relationships.  This necessitates our pursuit of inner growth as well as our efforts to deal on an outer level with each Challenge.

As we understand that any chain is only as strong as its weakest link, it behooves us to give due consideration to our challenges.  Overcoming them promises considerable progress toward a smoother and more rewarding life.

Challenges are more acute when they are the same as:

  • The Life Path
  • A Pinnacle
  • A Sub-Cycle

The Challenges are found by the exact opposite formula of the Pinnacles:

  • The first Challenge is the reduced total of the month of birth subtracted from the day of birth.
  • The second Challenge is the reduced total of the day of birth subtracted from the year of birth.
  • The third Challenge is the reduced total of the 1st Challenge subtracted from the 2nd Challenge.
  • The fourth Challenge is the reduced total of the month of birth subtracted from the year of birth.


Some keywords associated with the One Challenge:

  • Independence, individuality, strength of character.
  • Be strong, be courageous and be confident

Some lessons, etc., that may be encountered with a One Challenge:

  • Feeling dominated by others, particularly parents or anyone upon which you are dependent.
  • Find out who you are, see yourself as you really are, do not limit yourself and learn to rely on your inner strengths.
  • Do not vacillate.
  • Be assertive.
  • Study all the positive and negative traits of the ONE and, with daily discipline, try to maintain a balance between them.
  • If you are confident, stick to your guns.  Do not allow others to dissuade you.
  • You may need to strengthen your will power.
  • Deal with unresolved and unreleased problems with the father or father figure.

Ages of a One Challenge:

  • First Challenge        - 0-35
  • Second Challenge  - 36-44
  • Third Challenge      - 45-53
  • Fourth Challenge   - 54 -


Some keywords associated with the Two Challenge:

  • Super sensitivity.
  • Cooperation.
  • Be diplomatic, devoted, generous.
  • Be tactful, keep peace.

Some lessons, etc., that may be encountered with a Two Challenge:

  • Keep peace, but do not allow others take advantage of you.  (Not peace-at-any-cost).
  • Do not refer everything to personal feelings or emotion.  Little things often appear as unsurmountable obstacles.  Do develop a broader viewpoint of life.
  • There may be a tendency to refuse to forgive or forget the hurts received through the thoughtlessness of others.
  • Is it difficult to work with others because of a fear of being hurt by the unkind words or actions of co-workers?
  •  Are you a prevaricator?
  • Deal with unresolved and unreleased problems with the Mother.

Ages of a Two Challenge:

  • First Challenge        - 0-34
  • Second Challenge  - 35-43
  • Third Challenge      - 44-52
  • Fourth Challenge   - 53 -


Some keywords associated with the Three Challenge:

  • Social contact.
  • Expression.
  • Be optimistic.

Some lessons, etc. that may be encountered with a Three Challenge:

  • There could be a tendency to become a recluse.
  • A child is likely to feel shy and have difficulty expressing himself if the Three Challenge falls in the Formative Years.
  • There may be a great dislike and/or fear of criticism.
  • Do not allow others to stifle your self-expression.  Learn to say what you think and how you feel and to talk about your options and your beliefs.
  • Do not chatter aimlessly or gossip.  Do not scatter your energies.  Do not hide your creativity.
  • Because of a tendency to become a recluse, there is a need to get out in the world more, to meet more people and to become more self-expressive.
  • Be optimistic.  Pay attention to appearance.
  • Learn to do some of the things that can provide you with a good time…dancing, singing, join a Toastmasters, etc.
Ages of a Three Challenge:

  • First Challenge       - 0-33
  • Second Challenge  -  34-42
  • Third Challenge      - 43-51
  • Fourth Challenge   - 52 -


Some keywords associated with the Four Challenge:

  • Self-discipline.
  • Establish system and routine.
  • Set goals, be flexible and be thorough.
  • Be tolerant.
  • Stubbornness.
Some lessons, etc., that may be encountered with a Four Challenge:

  • Work may be disliked and even avoided or approached in a very rigid manner.
  • A need to develop a capacity to work hard and well, to accomplish tasks with patience, understanding and practicability.  Do not, however, become a work-a-holic.
  • There is a tendency to worry needlessly.
  • May represent a warning against being straight-laced or intolerant.
  • May force issues rather than waiting for them to mature naturally.
  • Time to expand horizons.  Put yourself on a schedule, become organized, start using a diary, address book, etc.
Ages of a Four Challenge:

  • First Challenge        - 0-32
  • Second Challenge  - 33-41
  • Third Challenge       - 42-50
  • Fourth Challenge    - 51 -


Some keywords associated with the Five Challenge:

  • Freedom.
  • Restlessness, impulsiveness, change.
  • Over or self-indulgence.
  • Letting go.
Some lessons, etc. that may be encountered with a Five Challenge:

  • The danger of the Five Challenge is the abuse of freedom.  (freedom at any price)
  • May have difficulty recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities as they are offered.
  • May be restless, impatient and/or erratic.
  • Learn when to let go of people and things.
  • Learn to adjust to changes easily and let go of any old condition or thought process that is no longer valid.
  • This Five Challenge also deals with our senses and sex.  A tendency for immediate gratification of desires or whims…drink, drugs, sex, food, etc.  Physical pleasures should not be over-indulged.  ALL THINGS IN MODERATION.      Do not allow impulse to rule your life.
  • Understand that true freedom comes from being very competent and thorough in the way you handle duties and responsibilities.
  • Do not become a rolling stone.  Do not leave a situation or relationship until it is totally finished.
Ages of Five Challenge:

  • First Challenge        - 0-31
  • Second Challenge  - 32-40
  • Third Challenge      - 41-49
  • Fourth Challenge   - 50 -


Some keywords associated with the Six Challenge:

  • Unreal idealism.
  • Responsibility, service.
  • Domineering, meddlesome.
  • Authoritarian.
  • Self-righteous, intolerant.
  • Adjustment.

Some lessons, etc. that may be encountered with a Six Challenge:

  • Learn not to make rules for anyone but yourself.  Allow others to have their own standards and opinions.  Respect others’ views.
  • May feel nobody measures up to your superior principles.  Inability to see gray areas.
  • A need to learn to express Unconditional Love and acceptance.   
  • Do not believe that everyone makes mistakes but you.
  • Do not take others’ responsibilities away from them, but do give willingly of yourself.  Accept your own responsibilities.
  • Are you able to adjust to and accept conditions in your home as easily as you expect others to adjust to and accept your way of thinking.
  • Do not be smug or self-righteous.
  • Remember that there are as many paths as there are people.
Ages of a Six Challenge:

  • First Challenge        - 0-30
  • Second Challenge  - 31-39
  • Third Challenge       - 40-48
  • Fourth Challenge    - 49 -


Some keywords associated with the Seven Challenge:

  • Analysis.
  • Inner guidance.
  • Introspection.
  • Fear, repression.
Some lessons, etc., that may be encountered with a Seven Challenge:

  • Obtain the best possible education you can.  Release any idea of poverty or loneliness.
  • A Seven Challenge usually brings a big test or repression…a secret or hidden condition to overcome.
  • Early years are probably difficult because of reserved attitude and unexpressed feelings.
  • Feeling hopeless about bettering your situation, inability to change matters or even relieve them.  May suffer deep melancholia and/or despair.
  • Could become a chronic complainer and extremely critical.
  • Keeps hurt feelings inside.
  • Dwells on limitations and consequently attracts fear instead of trust in self.
  • Learn to think scientifically, to see that which is not readily apparent.
  • Attune to your intuition.  Develop your inner resources.  Consider very carefully any advice given to you, then do that which you feel is best for you.
  • Make self-analysis and introspection a daily discipline.
  • May be constantly at war with self or imbibing in the temptation presented to the Seven…alcoholic beverages.
Ages of a Seven Challenge:

  • First Challenge        - 0-29
  • Second Challenge  - 30-38
  • Third Challenge      - 39-47
  • Fourth Challenge   - 48 -


Some of the keywords associated with the Eight Challenge:

  • Material affairs. judgment
  • Efficiency, organization.
  • Power
  • Wastefulness.
  • Careful spending.

Some lessons,etc., that may be encountered with an Eight Challenge:

  • Warning against over-emphasis on the accumulation of power and material wealth.
  • Feels the only way to have personal freedom and security is through the accumulation of money and possessions.
  • A false sense of values and the constant fear of lack or limitation usually succeeds in living that very thing.
  • Understand that money has a Soul Urge of Nine and an Expression of Nine which basically means that it belongs to everyone…it is meant to be, and must be, shared.
  • Learn to value and respect money, but not to make a God of it.
  • Always remember that material matters are governed by Spiritual Law.
  • Exercise wise judgment, become efficient, learn to manage your finances by yourself and stay busy.
  • Cultivate a constructive attitude toward true values and the right use of power or the very thing you seek will be out of reach.
Ages of an Eight Challenge:

  • First Challenge        - 0-28
  • Second Challenge  - 29-37
  • Third Challenge       - 38-46
  • Fourth Challenge    - 47 -

There is no Nine Challenge

A Zero Challenge is normally a less demanding Challenge.  It says either you have no particular Challenge to work on or it is giving you time to take a good look at your other Challenges.

During a Zero Challenge, you have time to focus on your highest desires and ideals.  Time for meditation and going deeper into your inner self to discover the real you.  Time to look around, smell the roses and tend to relationships on all levels.

~(c)Margaret Rustan - Unicorn Wisdom