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Mount Shasta


Our movement around Planet Earth's surface seemed to be slowing down. I was able to discern more detail and movement. We finally came to a complete stop and the images faded from my sight. I found my energy low from the vast range of emotions I had just been through but sensed this was not the first time I had been in those particular emotional arenas. Much of what I had just seen and experienced held a familiar ring to it. It was almost one of those "been there, done that" sensations, but with no apparent sense of loss regret.

It was at this point that I found my voice and wanted to ask Mikel questions. I felt like the cub reporter out on my first big assignment and began racking my brain to find the right (intelligent?) questions to ask. I needn't have been concerned for before I could get my throat sufficiently cleared and my mouth open to speak, Mikel proceeded to explain a few of the reasons for this trip in the traveling time machine.

The gist of the explanation was that in order for the Light Workers of the future to have a clearer understanding when certain events transpired in the future, it is helpful for the imprint of past experiences to be reinforced and reawakened in the psyche. He went on to say that those who were and would be working in the Light, would find the reinforcement and reawakening beneficial in the process of gaining understanding of and solutions to upcoming events. Mikel further explained that the process of revisitation that I had experienced would not necessarily be the same process used to bring memory back, (relating to events that were to prepare us for the mission), for all who were involved or would become involved. He further explained that some of those destined to Light Work in the upcoming changes had not yet arrived on Planet Earth.

He spoke of books that would and have been written, experiences that would be shared and theories put forth (theories that would later be proven to be factual) not only in an attempt to jog memory but to ease the citizens of Planet Earth into thought patterns that would enable them to more readily accept what was ahead. He said that many movies would be produced in an effort to suggest or implant in the mass consciousness not only the possibility but the probability of future encounters with those who may appear to be "different". 

As he was speaking, I flashed back on having seen what I thought was Saturn at the beginning of the trip. I wondered why the journey began way out there and what the implications were. It took me back to ages of 5 and 6 when I was living with an aunt and uncle on a farm in Iowa. Our bedrooms were all upstairs and during the summer months my aunt would push my bed up against a window so I could catch whatever little breeze there might be. I remember laying there, night after night, staring at the sky and wondering what I was doing way down here and when "they" were coming to take me home. I would even, at times, hear a soft voice telling me it would be soon.

Mikel became quiet as I walked down memory lane and when I had finished he took my hand and told me it was not yet time for me to return home - but it was time for me to begin remembering the work that was to come.

At that moment I realized there was more to my connection to Mikel and Mt. Shasta than I had ever imagined. Had no inkling what the connection could be but knew it was there. I kept flashing on past incarnations that correlated to the events that were shown to me as we had circled the planet and I saw myself emerging from the darkness of space into the radiance emitted from Planet Earth, time after time. 

Was I a visitor - or perhaps an immigrant that had been given a Light Worker clearance to reside and work on this planet, in this dimension. Perhaps that explained my never feeling I belonged. I wanted to talk more about my feelings and a hundred questions were bouncing around in my head at such speed they were colliding with each other, but Mikel took my arm and steered me toward the entryway.

We proceeded out of the tube and back into what I will call the Tube Room. I checked my watch and found that we had been in the tube a little less than an hour. My knees felt a little weak and I experienced some slight dizziness as we left the tube. Mikel explained that it would pass and instructed me to take some slow deep breaths. 

He placed his right hand on my midsection (which I later discovered was the location of the Solar Plexus Chakra) and his left hand on the back of my neck. He then had me bend over at the waist and inhale as I slowly came back up. He had me repeat that exercise several times. When he removed his hands, I was no longer experiencing dizziness. He said he knew the dizziness had been uncomfortable for me on my visits but assured me I would no longer experience it. He did point out that I might now experience some slight physical reactions as I returned to the outer world - he was right - I did.

We left the Tube Room and there was one of the little vehicles we had used before waiting for us. Mikel motioned me in and we were on our way. He took us through a  myriad of tunnels that almost made me dizzy. We turned from one passageway to another, and at times I wondered if we were going in circles. I'm sure we weren't, we just made many turns and one tunnel looked like another except for width and height and some were damp and chilly while others sported really warm air. 

He finally brought the  little vehicle to rest and I was glad he did because my stomach was getting a little queasy. We alit and headed to a small opening which I assumed led to another passageway. Mikel stepped aside to allow me to enter before him. I entered a small area that appeared to be a small, dead end passageway.

Mikel came around me and touched an area on the far wall and another entryway appeared. Midway through the second entryway I gasped and stopped dead in my tracks. For a moment I thought we had emerged from the mountain and stepped into a beautiful green valley on the opposite side of the mountain from where we had entered. But as I stood there, staring (I am sure my mouth was hanging open) I realized there were buildings and people stirring about and I perceived areas that appeared to be planted. 

There was no sign of the ever-present pine trees of the mountain, but in their stead were huge shade trees and what seemed to me to be fruit trees and I could see them all  gently swaying to the rhythm of a slight breeze that was moving through the valley. There was bright sunlight everywhere and I could hear songbirds. My family, friends and I had done a lot of exploring on the mountain over the months but had never come across any such form of settlement on any side of the mountain.

I turned to Mikel and realized he was grinning at me. I had seen Mikel's face exhibit what I took to be a smile, from time to time, but never had I seen him openly grin. He opened his arms to me and said "I have waited a long time, my sister, to welcome you back". I had no earthly idea what he was talking about, but his hug felt wonderful.

We sat at the top of the valley for what seemed to be hours talking about "things". He told me that this was not yet the time for me to rejoin them.

There was much I had not yet been exposed to in the outer world and many things to learn about the functions of the outer world and the areas in which I could be of  assistance when the prophesied changes for Planet Earth became reality. He pointed out that I would, in time, be able to discern who walked this path with me. That before the turn of the century, those who were in Light Work from around the world would blend their energies prior to and during the "Changes" to assist the citizens of Planet Earth during their periods of readjustment.

He indicated that help would e forthcoming from the citizens of the inner world. I looked at the valley and wondered just how many were there that could come to help if  the call went out. Mikel, sensing my question, said "Ah, little sister, but what you see here is only one of our grouping sites.

There are many such sites in the inner world, much knowledge, and above all, great love and concern for those who live in the outer world. On the surface, you find love is a commodity hard come by but in here it is our guiding light.

"It is the very life force of our being."

From what I could gather, as Mikel continued to talk on, this planet, perhaps even our solar system, has gone through the involution and evolutionary process countless times. Planet Earth has been visited and revisited, colonized and re-colonized. Left alone and nurtured. Cursed and loved.

Cross breeding has taken place. The "helpers" from afar have walked side by side with us in total wonderment that we have managed to survive at all. The citizens of Planet Earth have, on several occasions, presented such rare challenges that personal attention of great magnitude was required to preserve the very integrity of the planet, herself.