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The Symbol of Spiritual Mastery, Violet is the ideal purifier and the purifier of ideals. When the Pituitary, or Master Gland, opens through meditation, the vibration of Violet lifts or changes to a golden color. 

Violet is the color of Transmutation, The Initiate, Creative Imagination, divine realization, The Priest, Life Eternal, Self-esteem.

Meditate under the rays of Violet Light and your meditative powers will increase. 

Violet can be used for transformation and protection.

The aura of a master is said to be violet, turning to lavender (because of the influx of white). 

Violet can bring order out of chaos. 

It rules the kingdom of the physical body.  

Beautiful Jacaranda Trees of Australia

It can be helpful to any group that is in the process of developing and/or practicing ceremonies for it has the power to transform. Violet contains the properties of Indigo (ritual) and Purple (ceremony) and should be used cautiously. 

It will raise the self-esteem and restore proper rhythm in the system. 

It is the seat of consciousness ... the door to the Creator, expands connection to source and universe. 

It cautions one to be disciplined in manifestation. 

It has the highest frequency in the visible spectrum. 

It encourages dedication to high ideals. 

To the ancients, this transcendental color was a spiritual rather than a physical phenomenon. 

If an individual lives in the vibration of the color Violet, he will find himself gradually withdrawing from the activities of the material life and devoting more and more of his time to the quieter paths of spiritual search and adventure. 

If the individual functions within the lower aspects of Violet (purple), he may find himself on a spiritual path, but one that is mixed with worldliness (such as that of a priest or other member of the clergy). 

Purple is called the “Power Ray for it is the color of kings and high priests. 

When a soul comes to the end of a cycle of experiences, it is always on the Violet Ray. At this point, the individual has accrued power... but has he also accrued the wisdom to use the power correctly. Will he progress on his journey toward total awareness or will he regress until such time as he balances power and wisdom?  

Attributes and Associations 

Violet – Pituitary - Secondary 

Characteristics: Violet is the color of imagination, transmutation and spiritual mastery. It stimulates and purifies the highest of human ideals. 

Body: Central Nervous System 

Organ: Pineal Gland 

Chakra: Crown - (Sahasrara - detachment from illusion) 

Aura Layer: Higher Spiritual 

Skill: Pure knowing/being 

Elements and Metals: Actinium, Aluminum, arsenic, barium, calcium, cobalt, iron, nitron, rubidium, silver chloride, strontium, titanium 

Element: Cosmic – allows the life current to maintain the thousand functions of the physical body 

Foods: Blackberries, purple grapes, beet tops, purple broccoli, eggplant

Fragrance: Violet and Lavender

Gems: Sapphire, amethyst, Mexican Lace Agate 

Hormones: Melatonin 

Letters: G, P, Y Musical Note: “TI”... B

Planet(s): Neptune (spiritual side) Mercury (intellectual side) 

Polarity: Neutral 

Sense: Transcends the senses ... Seventh Sense 

Taste: Saline 

Time Perspective: The Eternal Now. Includes past, present and future. Living in the moment 

Emotional and/or Psychological Aspects Associated with Violet: 

(Positive in Nature): Charming, creative, dignified, aesthetic, exclusive, power of transformation, sense of wonder, exhibiting a strong sense of inner self and direction 

(Negative in Nature): Conceited, critical, esoteric, solemn, pompous, lives in a dream world, poor self-image, materialistic, psychological warfare 

Conditions Responding to the Color Violet: 

  • Bone growth (stimulating) 
  • Bladder weaknesses 
  • Cerebra-spinal meningitis 
  • Controls excess hunger 
  • Cramps 
  • Induces deep, relaxed sleep 
  • Inner happiness 
  • Leukocyte builder 
  • Lymphatic system depressant 
  • Maintains potassium/sodium balance 
  • Mental fatigue 
  • Neurosis 
  • Neutralizes infection 
  • Rheumatism 
  • Ringworm 
  • Sciatica 
  • Spleen stimulant 
  • Tumor 

Conditions Contra-indicated for the color Violet are the same as blue: 

  • Constriction of muscles
  • Hypertension
  • Paralysis
  • Tachycardia
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