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May  2017

Solaango has visited with me the past several nights and I am led to share some of the information that has come through.  Some of the visions he shared were very vivid and involved so I would like to share some of his message.

One of his areas of concern is the loss of the positive,  cohesive energy that had been formed between many of the Light Workers of the 80s and 90s.  This loss is the result of the gradual dissolution of many of those circles or dedicated groups of that time.  A new, and varied, positive energy has been formed by the present-day Light Worker.  He indicates there may be a need to merge the energy of the old ways with the new or, at the very least, the putting forth .

Those dedicated circles and/or groups diligently worked with, and in, the light to maintain the peace, positive energy and the healing of individuals and the planet itself.  

The new Light Workers work with the same goals in mind but utilizing an energy that is at a different frequency than the “original” mindset.  The two frequencies complete the whole.

He indicated that the resurrection of the older Light Worker's energy and goals, as individuals, circles or groups would give the impetus that would bring into being a very powerful Universal Healing energy that woud speed the recovery of the mass consciousness from a dark, confused state to a positive, lighter consciousness.

He also directly addressed this messy, dark mass-consciousness energy that is presently emanating from the planet and assures us that we have the means to correct the situation. Not over night, of course.  It will entail searching the reaches of our own consciousness, recognizing our weaknesses, and working on bringing our beingness back into balance, whether the work needs to be done at a physical, astral or etheric level, (or all three). As we begin to bring our selves back into balance, those around us will be affected and once again the ripple effect will abound. Hopefully our combined energies will become strong enough to counter whatever darkness may be prevailing.

Solaango sends his love and blessings to everyone every time we communicate. He knows our strengths and weaknesses and assures me that our strengths far outweigh our weaknesses...we just need to recognize them and accept them and put them to use.

~Margaret Rustan