The Sub-Cycles represent the three major period of your life.  The first Sub-Cycle covers the Formative Years, the second Sub-Cycle covers the Productive ears and the third Sub-Cycle covers the Harvest Years.

Sub-Cycles are indicators of:

  • Our inner feelings about life in general.
  • Our inner reactions to the experiences we are given to handle.
  • How we relate to this lifetime (the Life Path).

The First Sub-Cycle, derived from the reduced sum of the month of birth, tells us the influences we will be under in our youth and early maturity.

The Second Sub-Cycle, derived from the reduced sum of the day of birth, governs our maturity or Productive Cycle and indicates the influences we will find ourselves under during that period of time.

The Third Sub-Cycle, derived from the reduced sum of the year of birth, governs our Harvest Cycle or retirement years and indicates the influence we will find ourselves under during those years.


  • A time for the individually to be developed.
  • Child may have been left alone too much or given too much independence if located in Formative Years.
  • Child is striving for independence if the One is located in the Formative Years.  Child should not be repressed but guided with a careful hand.
  • Gives inner drive for success.
  • Not a time to put self above others.
  • An active retirement is indicated in the Harvest Years
  • May receive recognition and material gain.
Ages on a One Sub-Cycle:

  • First Sub-Cycle     - 0-26
  • Second Sub-Cycle - 27-53
  • Third Sub-Cycle    - 54-


  • The mother is/was probably the strong influence if located in Formative Years.  Father probably not present…divorce or death.  Child should not be overindulged.
  • Can indicate marriage at an early age.
  • Emotions can run high during a Two Sub-Cycle.
  • A time to learn and exercise cooperation, tact, diplomacy.  Become adaptable.
  • It indicates a pleasant retirement with close friends and warm love if it appears in the Harvest Cycle.
  • May also indicate an interest in politics if in the Harvest Cycle.
Ages on a Two Sub-Cycle:

  • First Sub-Cycle     - 0-25
  • Second Sub-Cycle - 26-52
  • Third  Sub-Cycle   - 53 -


  • If located in childhood, a time for self-expression..i.e. be in school plays.
  • A time for music in the life.
  • A definite time for creative self-expression.
  • Many friends..
  • Surrounded by friends and loved ones after retirement
  • A time for creativity…taking class in writing, acting, etc.
Ages on a Three Sub-Cycle:

  • First Sub-Cycle     - 0-24
  • Second Sub-Cycle - 25-51
  • Third Sub-Cycle    - 52 -


  • Studies usually come hard if located in childhood.
  • A child may experience restrictive influences.
  • A definite time to lay the solid foundation if in the Productive Cycle.
  • Indicates hard work with little time for play.
  • Not an easy retirement.
  • Indicates you will probably work after retirement whether it is necessary to do so or not.
Ages on a Four Sub-Cycle:

  • First Sub-Cycle     - 0-23
  • Second Sub-Cycle - 24-59
  • Third Sub-Cycle    - 60 -


  • Child will require guidance with freedom if located in childhood.
  • A time for change.  Time for freedom.   Time for travel.
  • There is usually a major change which occurs somewhere within eighteen month of going into a Five Cycle.
  • May or may not retire…will have little care either way.
  • Travel and new actives indicated with retirement.
Ages on a Five Sub-Cycle:

  • First Sub-Cycle     - 0-31
  • Second Sub-Cycle - 32-58
  • Third Sub-Cycle    - 59 -


  • Indicates a restrictive childhood.  Parents should lift some of the burdens.
  • Many duties, obligations, responsibilities.
  • Indicates probably early marriage.
  • Indicates adjustments will be required, particularly in domestic affairs, if located in the Productive Cycle.
  • If adjustments have been made, indicates a happy home life.
  • Do not expect perfection from those around you.
  • Possible care of an elderly parent if located in the Harvest Cycle.
  • Indicates security, but with restrictions.
Ages on a Six Sub-Cycle:

  • First Sub-Cycle     - 0-30
  • Second Sub-Cycle - 31-57
  • Fourth Sub-Cycle  - 58 -


  • If the Seven Sub-Cycle is in the Formative Years, the child lives within.  Parents should seek ways to draw the child out.
  • A time to seek knowledge and purposes.
  • Most do not marry if the Seven Sub-Cycle falls in the Productive Cycle and marriage is not recommended in a Seven Sub-Cycle.
  • Will work better alone and opportunities should not be reached for.
  • Extreme mood swings.  Indicates avoidance of alcoholic beverages would be for the best.
Ages on a Seven Sub-Cycle:

  • First Sub-Cycle     - 0-29
  • Second Sub-Cycle - 30-56
  • Fourth Sub-Cycle  - 57 -


  • An Eight Sub-Cycle is very difficult for a child to handle.  Great patience and understanding are required.
  • Knowledge and achievement are indicated in an Eight Sub-Cycle.
  • Indicates a time for big power, money and big strides in business if in the Productive Cycle.
  • A very active retirement is indicated.
  • Much can be accomplished in the way of money and success if found in the Harvest Cycle after retirement.
Ages on an Eight Sub-Cycle:

  • First Sub-Cycle     - 0-28
  • Second Sub-Cycle - 29-55
  • Third Sub-Cycle    - 56 -


  • Difficult for a child to adjust to as the Nine brings tension and fears.  Child may exhibit high emotions and nerves.
  • Child will require lots of love and understanding.
  • Spiritual aspects are present during a Nine Cycle.
  • Success indicated in public life.
  • Not a good time to enter into a marriage.
  • A time for all encompassing love as opposed to personal love.
  • Great things can be accomplished.
  • There will be time for study and learning during the Harvest Years.
Ages on a Nine Sub-Cycle:

  • First Sub-Cycle     - 0-27
  • Second Sub-Cycle - 28-54
  • Third Sub-Cycle    - 55 -


~(c)Margaret Rustan - Unicorn Wisdom