The Personal Year is determined by adding the month and day of birth to the present Universal Year.  The Universal Year is determined by adding the digits of the year in question, i.e., the 2017 adds as follows:

2+1+7 = 10 = 1 Universal Year

If your month and day of birth were December 28, you would add your month (12=3) and day (28=1) and the Universal Year (1).

3+1+1= 5 Personal Year.


*   This is the beginning of your next nine-year cycle.
*   The energy of whatever you begin in a One Personal Year will remain with you for the following eight years.  If you contemplate beginning a new relationship or business venture, be sure it is one you care to deal with for the next eight years.
*   The One Personal Year is a very personal one for it deals with the development of skills and talents.
*   The things you personally initiate will have the most meaning and be of the most importance to you.
*   This is the year to develop belief in Self and find the courage to make the decisions which will be necessary for your future growth.
*   This is the year to keep your own counsel…to keep any plans you have made to yourself until such plans have been completed or have at least reached the point they cannot be interfered with.
*   Contacts with men seem to be more important than contacts with women this year.
*   By the month of October, in your One Personal Year, you should know the direction that you definitely want to take during this Cycle.
*   Do not allow anyone to interfere with a chosen course of action which you have determined is correct for you.
*   Possible health issues:  eyes, ears, nose


*   This is the year to lie back and cooperate with others.
*   Collect and work on material that will help you with the goal(s) you formulated in your One Personal Year.
*   Pay attention to details…shortcuts are a no-no in a Two Personal Year.
*   Tact and diplomacy will be required in order to secure the support you will need.
*   Watch for out-of-control emotions in this very sensitive year.
*   Finances are slow, but steady.
*   Not a particularly good year to begin business ventures.
*   Do not attempt to force your will in situations.
*   Much patience will be required this year.
*   This is the year for falling in and out of love easily.
*   Do not allow yourself to become petty or picky.
*   Possible health issues:  kidneys, nervous system.


*   This is the year for joyful living and good times.
*   Your Two Personal Year moved slowly but your Three Personal Year will move swiftly.
*   This is the year to be sociable.
*   Your personal encounters this year will probably be brief ones.  This is not the year to make long-range plans.
*   Do not make any commitments or take on any heavy responsibilities.
*   Improve your vocabulary…possibly study a new language.
*   Do not scatter your energies.
*   Get a new wardrobe.  Work on your personal appearance…new hairdo, makeup, etc.
*   Get the most out of each new encounter you have.  It will help you gain insight into areas you may have neglected in the past.
*Possible health issues:  liver, glands, throat.


*   This is the year to settle down and work.
*   Give special effort toward getting the physical temple back in shape.  Watch the diet and do exercise.
*   Be practical…lay a solid foundation for the years to come…give yourself a budget and stick to it.  Recognize past errors and avoid them in the future.
*   Do not consider a personal relationship with another unless that person is strong within him/herself.
*   Do not gamble or speculate this year.  Dependability and responsibility are key words.
*   This could be the year you find yourself in a deep, rewarding love affair.  Four is a very physical number.
*   Make repairs necessary to home, auto, etc.
*   You may find limitations or restrictions springing up as if from out of nowhere.
*   Possible health issues:  teeth, bones, circulatory system.


*   Since Five is the pivotal point between Involution ( 1, 2, 3, 4…the material growth numbers) and Evolution (6, 7, 8, 9…the spiritual growth numbers) you may expect change in any or all areas of your life.
*   Be prepared for surprises and be prepared to take risks.  Many and varied opportunities may come your way.  Examine each very carefully before accepting or rejecting.
*   Understand that any relationship entered into (personal or business) prior to the month of October will probably be short-lived.
*   Let go of the old, worn-out conditions or relationships that no longer are working for your highest good.
*   A new acquaintance made in a Five Personal Year may very well be a prospect for a long-lasting relationship (perhaps marriage) in your upcoming Six Personal Year.
*   You will find the opposite sex physically attracted to you and you will meet many new people from many different backgrounds.
*   Do not be careless this year.  There is a tendency toward accidents.
*   Possible health issues:  sex organs.


*   This is the year that those who are of the most importance to you…at home, work or play…will require your special attention.
*   This is the year to bring balance into all the planes of your existence.
*   A good year for marriage.  (The other side of that coin, of course, is divorce.)
*   Accept responsibility, learn to make adjustments, be of service to others but don’t assume any of their responsibilities.
*   Your advice will be sought…give it when asked.
*   This is a good year to entertain your friends, remodel or redecorate your home.
*   Finish all pending projects and understand you must finish any new commitment you make.
*   Bring harmony into all areas of your life.
*   A year to become closer to mate and children.
*   Possible heart issues:  heart, spine.  


*   This is the year to take a good, subjective look at yourself, at what you are involved in, what you stand for and where you want to go.  You must find your Faith and your Truth within your Inner Self.
*   Analyze all phases of your life…the people you have allowed into your life…your career…your thought processes…your goals, etc.
*   This is the year you need to perfect that talent which you have been attempting to develop for the past several years.
*   Exercise some form of discipline…preferably meditation.
*   This is the year to study any of the Metaphysical sciences.
*   Keep a log journal of your thought processes and new awarenesses as they develop.
*   Read and reread any legal document that may require your signature.   
*   Allow your intuition to guide you this year.
*   Do not act impulsively and do not make any extreme changes until after October.
*   Be near the water and an occasional trip to the country would be beneficial.
*   Possible health issues:  congestion  (drink a lot of water)


*   Seven was a mental year.  Eight is a physical year.  A year for personal attachment.
*   Use your organizational and management abilities for personal gain.  Good year for business ventures.
*   Exercise patience with those you consider to be slower or less ambitious than you.
*   Great energy will be required this year.
*   Get finances in order (out of the red, please).  Do not hesitate to claim recognition for a job well done.
*   This is the year to harvest those material seeds you have sown the past seven years.
*   This is the year for expansion and branching out.  Think big!
*   You must be efficient and have self-assurance.
*   Watch every word that comes out of your mouth and every action contemplate taking.  This is the year of Karma.
*   Possible health issues:  stress, nerves, emotions.


*   While this is a year of endings and one of great emotions, it is also a year when you will be given opportunities to exercise your humanitarian outlook and to take comfort from your metaphysical friends.
*   An extremely emotional year.  Get ready to shed some tears.
*   A year of endings…relationships (business or personal), attachments, thought processes, etc.
*   A year to take stock of the past eight years…review the mistakes, the good points, the bad points, what was gained and what was lost.
*   All unfinished projects should be wrapped up this year so that nothing old carries into the new One Year.
*   Not a good year for relationships.  Not a good year to start anything new.
*   Let go, willingly, of that which is no longer for your highest good for it may be taken away if you cannot gracefully let it go.
*   A year in which you may be given opportunities to exercise your powers of forgiveness.
*   Give back to the Universe some of the love, protection, support, material good, etc., that it has given you.
*   After October, you will find you have more control over your emotions and will probably start making plans which you will want to put into action in your upcoming One Personal Year.
*   Clean up your environment (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) so that you may go into your new Cycle unencumbered.
*   Possible health issues:  extreme stress, emotions.


~(c)Margaret Rustan - Unicorn Wisdom