Listed below are brief descriptions of the basic and secondary components of a Numerology Chart.  These components will give you a clear picture of the individual and what his/her future may hold.  We will first become familiar with the basic associations of the numbers, including the master numbers 11, 22 and 33.


LIFE PATH (derived by adding the month, day and year of birth and reducing that sum to a single digit)

The Life Path number indicates the specific lesson your Soul has chosen to learn and will represent your journey throughout your entire lifetime.  It will point to your true purpose and give clues to your destiny. The goal is mastery of that lesson.

BIRTHDAY NUMBER:  This number is a key indicator of the talents you brought with you.  Combined with the Life Path it will give indications concerning a choice of vocation.  This number is most active between your 28th and 68th Years (your Productive Cycle).

SUB-CYCLES:  derived by the reduced sum of the month (1st Sub-Cycle), the reduced sum of the day (2nd Sub-Cycle) and the reduced sum of the year of birth (3rd Sub-Cycle). Example: 12-10-1987 /  1+2=3  1+0 = 1 / 1+9+8+7 =  25 which is 2+5 = 7. Subcycles = 3 7 and 7. 

Sub-Cycles represent the three major periods of our lives and the energies we will be presented to work with. (More to come on this subject.)

PINNACLES:  (sometimes referred to High Points or Gateways … derived from the reduced sum of the month plus day of birth (1st Pinnacle), the reduced sum of the day plus your year of birth (2nd Pinnacle), the reduced sum of the 1st and 2nd Pinnacles (3rd Pinnacle) and the reduced sum of the month plus year of birth (4th Pinnacle).  The four Pinnacles are indications of probable areas of activity and expression.  They tell of the types of associations, events, situations or obstacles which may be encountered and the attitudes/outlooks/responses to them.

CHALLENGES:  Derived by subtracting the month of birth  from the day of birth (1st Challenge), subtracting the day of birth from the year of birth (2nd Challenge), subtracting the 1st Challenge from the second Challenge (3rd Challenge) and subtracting the month of birth from the year of birth (4th Challenge).  The four Challenges represent the weak links or qualities that are found to be lacking in self and which need to be strengthened.

PERSONAL YEAR, MONTH and DAY:     (Personal Year found by adding birth month, birthday and calendar (Universal) year.  Personal Month found by adding Personal Year and calendar month.  Personal Day found by adding Personal Year, month and day.) These exert an influence on your Life.  Looking at the Personal Year tells you the energies of the year you are in.  The month and day narrow those energies down to the nitty gritty of everyday living.


EXPRESSION:  (sometimes referred to as Outer Self or Present Self…derived from total sum of the numbers in your name at birth.)  This number represents your potential talents and abilities and related character traits.  It tells you the attitudes normally found with these talents.  This number often plays an important role in the choice of work and career.

SOUL URGE:  sometimes referred to as Heart’s Desire, Inner Dreams, Inner Self or Activator … derived from the total vowels in your name at birth.  The Soul Urge is the inner motivating force, or the intention of your actions relating to all areas of your life, that tells what you are and where you want to go.  It is influential in determining your points of view and the principles upon which you  act.

PERSONALITY:  (sometimes referred to as the Latent or Quiescent Self, Impression, The Outer Expression…derived from the total consonants in your name at birth.)  This number expresses what we may be willing to share with others when first we meet.  This is the first impression that most people experience.  This image may be real or it may be the projection we put out for protection of self.

INCLUSION TABLE.  (sometimes referred to as the Name Grid.)  This table or grid shows us which basic vibrations (numbers) occur with the greatest frequency and those which are not represented at all.  These numbers (or lack thereof) give us information concerning our Subconscious Self, our Prime Intensifier (also known as Ruling Passion), our Intensity Points, our Weak Points (modified Karmic Lessons) and our Karmic Lessons.

SUB-CONSCIOUS SELF:  (derived by subtracting the number of Karmic Lessons from the total amount of numbers in your name as found in the Inclusion Table.)  The Subconscious Self is emotional rather than mental and gives indication of your responses in moments of crisis or emergency when there has been no time to refer the situation to the brain.

THE PRIME INTENSIFIER:   (also known as the Ruling Passion … derived from the number which has the most representation in the birth name.)  This number indicates a passion or gift, the things you enjoy and the special traits you may have.  If you have more than one Prime Intensifier, there will be less emotional intensity experienced with each one.  Because the number 5 is very common in western names, it has become the practice of the majority of Numerologists to subtract two from the total 5s found in the name.

KARMIC LESSONS:  (also known as Qualities to Develop…determined by the lack of a number or numbers, in the birth name.) A Karmic Lesson deals with an area that has been ignored, not presented or not dealt with successfully in past lives.

FOUNDATION:  (sometimes called the Cornerstone…derived from the first letter of your birth name.) This number makes its strongest influence felt in the material world.  It determined, as a child, your outlook on life, natural tendencies, and behavior patterns.  This number works with the Personalty to either give you strength or to restrict you in some form.

SPIRITUAL OUTLOOK:  (determined by the first vowel in your birth name.)  Its influence is felt the strongest in the spiritual or inner world.  It indicates the character traits of the Inner Self, emotional responses and impulses, attitudes and how we react.

BALANCE NUMBER: (determined by the initials of the full birth name reduced to a single digit.)  The Balance Number indicates the best approach to difficult or threatening situations.

PLANES OF EXPRESSION:  (determined by the individual letters in the birth name.)  There are four planes on which we express ourselves…the mental plane, the emotional plane, the physics plane and the intuitive plane.  The placement of our birthname letters in these planes tells us where our Power lies.  It is an indicator of how we solve problems, approach obstacles, react to pressures, etc.

PRESENT SIGNATURE:  the name you presently use can be delineated as our birth name is.  While this does not change your Expression, it will bring in energies that can either compliment the birth name and/or add challenges to your original plan.

NAME CHANGES:   Nicknames, marriage or changing a birth name legally will, again, bring in energies that can either compliment the birth name and/or add challenges to your original plan.


DIRECTION: (derived by adding the Life Path and Astrological Sign number.)  It provides us with that little extra clue which will steer us, more specifically, toward greater achievement of our Life Path number.

REALITY:  (sometimes called Power Number, Maturity Number, Final Attainment or Ultimate Goal … determined by adding the Life Path and Expression number.) It represents the motivating force behind the entire being.  It tells of the course of action to be followed during the latter years to assure a happy, useful Harvest season.  The influence is most generally subtle and not felt until mid-life,

SPIRITUAL INITIATION:  (determined by adding the Soul Urge, Expression, Life Path and Birthday.)  This is the Life Lesson for the Inner Self.

KARMIC DEBTS:  (sometimes referred to as the Testing Number, Hidden Number or Warning Number.)  The Karmic Debt numbers are usually the force of energy that determines the life as they deal with the misuse of natural law and personal power in past life affairs.  These numbers are considered to represent Karmic Debts only if they appear as the Life Path, the Expression or the Soul Urge (although some Numerologists will also include the day of birth.)

~Margaret Rustan, Unicorn Wisdom