SOLAANGO -  FOOD FOR THOUGHT - 1st Session March 7, 2018

Many of your teachers have recommended, over the centuries, to go within to find your answers to acquire peace.

We would like to suggest, rather, that to find your answers,  you bring your focus outward and begin to investigate the energies (auras) of the world around you.

Become familiar with those in your immediate environment … including the energy you emit.  

Become familiar with the communication of the other species that reside on your planet and learn to value it.  It will take time and a releasing of any prior assumptions you may have.  The old must give way for any change, new understanding or clearing to take place.

As you are able to release preconceived conclusions about the energies around you, you will discover  there are energies (auras) present which may reflect love, hate, joy, anger, elation, frustration, freedom, control, creation or destruction.  The mind control energy being exerted in your media, your religious associations, etc. strongly influence your vision of the immediate energy surrounding you as well as the energies of your community, your nation, the world.

To take a step toward discovering the type of environment you are living in, release must come first, then you must become an observer and allow your “self” to become nonjudgmental and to see the validity of your acceptance of the true energy without judgment.  

Many are controlled by the labels of “good” or “evil” and that control is accepted without actually dissecting the swing of that pendulum and/or observing how some actions/thoughts have become good that once were considered evil and vice versa.  

As you become able to discern the various and many energies that surround you on a daily basis, your ability to counter or accept them will increase, and your responses will change.

As individuals begin to realize the importance of truly understanding, to develop the ability to release beliefs that are non-productive or actually against the continuation of your species, the sooner the inhabitants of your planet will come into an energy of peace, understanding and perhaps acceptance.

~ Margaret Rustan/Solaango