Messages from mikel 2020

Channeled by Margaret Rustan-Dixon

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Some of what I considered to be the most enlightening conversations contained information concerning the different races of people and species of animals residing on our planet.

Mikel related in one visit that only one race that now resides here is indigenous to this planet although a number of mammals and birds are. Several species of the mammals that inhabited the earth before the arrival of the other races are long extinct.

Each individual race migrated here from any number of the hundreds of thousands of galaxies outside our own Milky Way Galaxy.

Much exploration and observation and visits had been done over a period of centuries by the different species as they had searched for inhabitable planets. They were compelled to do this search due to occurring evolutionary changes to their planet, by wars, overpopulation and concern of their own planets becoming uninhabitable.

Earth was first a dropping off point for criminals and those who were no longer contributing to the welfare of the planet. Their “off shore” detention center, so to speak.

They came from different solar systems and even from your own Milky Way Galaxy.

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With them came their individual ideologies, philosophies, intelligence, laws, etc. - and they settled in colonies claiming a section of Earth as their own.

As the centuries went by, overseers from their home planets monitored them and chronicled their adaptation to Planet Earth and their associations, if any, with the other races. Some were warriors who knew no other form of living. Some were agriculturally inclined

Some were actually scientists who came to support, discover and educate. They eventually (centuries later) settled in Atlantis and Mu, and many of their technologies were taught to advance the civilizations inhabiting the planet at that point.

As the various races began to tire of wars and unrest, they set about creating religions and higher authorities (A monolithic God, various Gods and Goddesses).

The various leaders gained power and dominance by instilling the thought that if any of the “laws” or guidelines set forth by their leaders were to be disobeyed, the actions would lead to disastrous results. Some of the religions were brought with them from their home planets, while some others were created on Earth.

As the centuries passed, several “spiritual” philosophies developed which turned many away from the desire for power and control to one of peace and contentment.

Because of the varying philosophies and beliefs, there has always been discord and wars. With the inclusion of educated scientists, the weapons of war became more sophisticated, and the less educated or non-spiritually inclined races battled each other for power and domination, and that has continued to present times.

You have been monitored for many centuries by any number of ships from other galaxies who shared in the shaping of the distinct races which remained and seemingly thrived. Additional groups have been landed over the past thousand years that included religious men, medicine men, peacemakers, writers, and teachers - and they have become assimilated and have contributed much to the survival and advancement of the races on Planet Earth.

They do not openly interfere and are expressly instructed not to. Although their teachings come in the form of examples, they are few in number, so you find yourselves constantly at odds with each other. (To be continued)

~Margaret Rustan