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(As The Pendulum Swings)


  • Pure Affection
  • Love for Humanity
  • Selfish Affection
  • Sexuality
  • Anger

Shades of Red:

  • Bright Red: Courage, passion, intensity, irritation
  • Clean Red: Passion, intensity
  • Crimson: Manifestation of love
  • Dark Red: Temper, troubled emotions, feeling restricted
  • Deep Red: Anger, physical vitality
  • Lurid Red: Sensuality
  • Red-Brown: Extremely earthy
  • Red-Brown (dull): Avarice (usually appears as parallel bars across the Astral Body)
  • Red-Purple: Worldly outlook, power of the body
  • Scarlet: Subliminal anger, ego, sensuality
  • Deep Red flashes tinged with brown: Selfish anger, hatred
  • Dark Red around the heart could indicate anger arising from an emotional hurt. If there is Orange next to the Dark Red, the person may be in the process of healing a wound.


  • Desire for God
  • Ethical Desire
  • Ambition
  • Creativity
  • Pride
  • Avarice

When seen in the Aura may indicate the person possesses strong healing abilities or is in the process of healing him/herself, physically and emotionally.

Shades of Orange:

  • Bright Orange: Indicates extreme intelligence and multi-talents. Dramatic (life is a stage). May desire frequent change. Is adventurous and romantic.
  • Dark Orange: Pride, energy, ambition (probably accompanied by irritation)
  • Fire Orange: Physical magnetism. If it is tinged with brown, this magnetism may be used to control people. If it is pure and clear, it is the color of the Magnetic Healer.
  • Orange-Gold: The perennial student striving for self-improvement. Has self-control but may not always be logical. Intuitive.
  • Orange may indicate a masculine nature or the masculine side of the feminine nature, seeking balance.


  • High Intellect
  • Strong Intellect
  • Ambitious Intellect
  • Proud Intellect
  • Low Intellect

Shades of Yellow:

  • Bright Yellow: A sun-person. Responds to the weather. Person of the future. In the process of awareness.
  • Clear Yellow: Indicates an intellectual outlook, sensitivity, artistic ability, cheerful and witty.
  • Dull Yellow: Intellectual selfishness.
  • Lime Yellow: Dishonesty, exaggeration, deceit.
  • Muddy Yellow: This person has deep feelings of unworthiness. Self-critical. Sets impersonal goals. Need the respect of others. Is quiet, shy and lonely.
  • Pale Yellow: Illness. Intellect deals with higher, unselfish objects.


  • Harmony
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Deceit
  • Jealousy

Seen in the Aura, it usually indicates the individual is undergoing change in his attitudes, beliefs or way of life. May show up when a person, under stress of major internal change, thinks his life is going badly or when a healing process is under way.

Shades of Green:

  • Apple Green: Psychic development. Great Vitality. Hypochondria.
  • Blue-Green: Combines deep sympathy and compassion.
  • Brown-Green: Jealousy, envy.
  • Emerald Green: Natural healer. Versatile and ingenious. Being “all things to all men”.
  • Gray-Green: Deceit and cunning...quite prevalent among primitive types.
  • Muddy Olive Green: Feeling unlucky. Feeling mistreated by life.
  • Olive Green: Tenacious, hard worker, domineering.
  • Yellow Green: Shy, warm and caring
  • Greenish Brown with Deep Red or Scarlet flashes also indicate jealousy.


  • Christ Devotion
  • Pure Religious
  • Moral Religious
  • Selfish Religious
  • Religious Fear
  • The color of creativity, imagination and self-expression. 
  • It indicates the feminine nature or the feminine side of a masculine nature.

Shades of Blue:

  • Aqua Blue: Healing ability. Spiritually directed...probably feels he has a “mission” in life. Is patriotic. Probably quite outspoken.
  • Cobalt Blue: Deep devotion to high spiritual ideals.
  • Dark Blue: Can indicate fatigue or a need for rest. Dark Blue can also represent a person who acts on other people's idea of who he is and how he should behave, rather than who he really is.
  • Dark Clear Blue: Indicates religious feelings. This color may range from Indigo to deep Violet depending upon upon the emotions being experienced from purity to deceit.
  • Gray-Blue: Probably a fetish worshiper.
  • Light Blue: High, noble, spiritual ideals, seeking a truth. Very few close relationships (perhaps a Philosopher).
  • Lilac Blue: Higher spiritual ideals. The Lilac blue is usually accompanied by shimmering golden stars representing higher elevated spiritual aspiration.
  • Medium Blue: Sensitive, loyal and caring individual. Over-sensitive where family and close friends are concerned. Easily hurt. Requires a calm, orderly environment. Probably a student as intellectual endeavors are indicated.
  • Royal Blue: Honest and loyal. Becomes deeply involved to everything around him/her.


  • God Devotion
  • High Ethics
  • Amnesia
  • Catatonic State
  • Malice
  • The color of intuition and instinctive knowledge.
  • Indicates a person is developing or opening the Third Eye.
  • Calming the mind through meditation. (A calm mind has the capacity to mirror the Universe in its wholeness. The calm mind sees a finished jigsaw puzzle rather than separate pieces of the whole.)


  • High Spirituality
  • Growing Spirituality
  • Devotion & Affection
  • Noble Authority
  • Arrogant Authority
  • Indicates a creative imagination and the powers of visualization and spiritual perception.
  • Probably a mystic and quite spiritual
  • This color, if seen around an older woman, indicates she is probably actively seeking a new love relationship based on understanding and sensitivity rather than sexuality.
  • The purer the color in the Aura, the higher the level of consciousness in the individual.


  • Good self-concept and easy going, loyal.
  • Strong convictions (the color of priests, kings and power). These convictions can be found in male or female.


  • This is usually found in teenage girls or older females attempting to regain youth.
  • Immaturity and emotional searching.
  • If found in a male's aura, indicates a dreamer, philosopher or homosexual


  • Unconditional Love

Shades of Rose:

  • Tinged with Lilac: Spiritual love of humanity.
  • Tinged with Brown: Selfish love.

Gold: (Metallic Color)

  • This color usually indicates that you have been gifted with the protection of your Inner Band of guides teachers and doctors.
  • The color of self-knowledge, psychic powers, pure intuition, the mystic, psychic prowess.
  • Cleaning and healing
  • Masculine energy (Sun)

Silver: (Metallic Color)

  • This is the highest symbol of protection to be bestowed by a member of one of the Secret Brotherhoods. It tells you this individual is more than likely being guided and assisted by an Ascended Master.
  • Similar to Gold, except it is feminine energy (Moon)
  • The color of Telekinesis or Levitation.
  • Astral Travel

Copper: (Metallic Color)

This color is more frequently seen around healers as they work. It is the color of protection for healers.

It may also indicates a lack of essential minerals in the physical body.


  • Security conscious, honest, plain spoken, dedication to practical things.

Shades of Brown:

  • Brown Orange: Lack of ambition, lazy. A tinker, not a doer.
  • Dark Brown: Probably dissatisfied with personal appearance. Has difficulty being wrong. If seen around the feet and legs, that person gets a lot of exercise
  • Dull Brown-Gray: Selfishness. This color is very prevalent in today's society.
  • Medium Brown: Desire for security.


  • Black is Yin. It represents the negative, receptive or feminine. It symbolizes the abstract, the cosmic night, the mysteries. It is ruled by Saturn
  • It is a shield of protection.
  • The invisible light of God has come to pierce and purify the Soul.
  • Completely black aura indicates surrender.
  • A streak of Black indicates being in a transitory period. Usually a negative aura. Ofttimes hatred, evil, malice, thought-forms of hatred.


  • White is Yang and seldom seen. It represents the positive, active or masculine. It is concerned with Spiritual illumination. Its focal point in the Pineal Gland. It can be used for protection of both the physical and Mental Bodies.
  • The color or purification, enlightenment, highest spiritual attainment.
  • Off-White indicates well balanced, strong ideals, and ethical high moral values. Understanding, but critical of self. Neat...almost to the point of being fastidious.

A Few Suggestions For Balancing an Aura:

  • To calm a physical condition, we could use Green
  • To calm a mental condition, we could use Indigo and Green
  • To calm a spiritual condition, we could use Light Blue
  • To revitalize a physical condition, we could use Orange.
  • To revitalize a mental condition, we could utilize Emerald Green or the Royal Blue of Lapis Lazuli.
  • To revitalize a spiritual condition, we could utilize Gold and/or Rose-Pink.
  • To inspire and stimulate a physical condition, we could utilize Red and Pink
  • To inspire and stimulate a mental condition, we could utilize Yellow or Golden tones (such as might be found in a Topaz) and/or Violet (as in a Amethyst stone).
  • To inspire and stimulate a spiritual condition, we could utilize Violet and Purple. 

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