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  • Is a whirling vortex of concentrated etheric energy which is seen clairvoyantly as a color wheel, with a hub in the center, attached along the spine from the base of the spine to the top of the head.
  • Is held in place by the criss-crossing of the IDA and the PENGALA. These crossing points act much as an electrical socket into which a physical gland is plugged.
  • Has counterparts in the Subtle Bodies which are fed astrally by the Etheric Double.
  • Draws prana (breath – life-giving force) from the air, distributes it to the physical gland in the body where it is transmuted into physical substance to flow throughout the bloodstream and nervous systems.
  • Acts as an intermediary between the Physical and Subtle bodies and is capable of converting energy from one dimension into that of another: i.e., subtle prana in the Astral Body can be transformed into life energy for the Physical Body.
  • Acts as an intermediary for energy transfer and conversion between any two neighboring dimensions of being as well as facilitating energy transfer and conversion between a Subtle Body and its corresponding mind.
  • As it becomes active and awakened, enables man to become aware of the higher realms and helps man attain the powers to enter those higher realms.
The IDA is an ethereal nerve canal running along the left side of the spinal column crossing the PENGALA at each Chakra.

  • It is feminine/negative in nature.
  • Contributes energy to the Nervous System and the Plexus which are both at the base of each Chakra.
  • It basically controls prana and various physical activities.

The PENGALA is an ethereal nerve canal running along the right side of the spinal column crossing the IDA at each Chakra.

  • It is masculine/positive in nature.
  • It contributes energy to the Nervous System and the Plexus which are both at the base of each Chakra.
  • It basically controls prana and various physical activities.

The SUSHUMNA is an ethereal and physical tiny, hollow nerve, acting as a tube in the spinal column, that is filled with the Vital Life Force.

  • It runs from the base of the spine through the Medulla Oblongata to the Crown Chakra where it connects to the Silver Cord.
  • Because it is an extension of the Silver Cord, it makes a human being virtually a part of the Universe.

The SILVER CORD is an ethereal, cobweb-like cable that contains intelligence and energy and has the properties of elasticity.

  • It extends from the Sushumna to the Crown Chaskra and on out into Universal Mind
  • It serves as a person's connection link to the Universe.
  • It penetrates through one's Subtle Bodies, connecting the Soul-Mind to the Physical Body during an astral projection.
  • It contains five tiny strands, each with its separate function, that aids the Physical Body in its growth and search for awareness

The BOOKS OF LIFE are concentrated centers of energy at the end of three of the five strands of the Silver Cord, containing records of man's experience that will be worked out in any one incarnation.

  • These centers of energy are:
  • The Mental Consciousness-Seed-Atom located in the Pineal
  • The Emotional Astral-Seed-Atom located in the Solar Plexus.
  • The Heart-Seed-Atom located in the Heart.
  • These are believed to be the Books of Life as referred to in the Bible.

The remaining two strands of the Silver Cord are:

VAGUS NERVE: (also known a the Pneumogastric Nerve/pneumo- “life breath”)

  • A channel for the Soul-Mind-Breath, which runs downward through the neck in two strands, from the Medulla Oblongata, which is located at the base of the brain, to the heart and abdomen.
  • These two strands control the Respiratory System.

The KANDRA is an ethereal triangle at the base of the spine, located in the sacrum housing the stored energy of the SUSHUMNA.

We create blockages in our Chakras by our reactions to unpleasant experiences or situations. As we mature and our Chakras begin to develop, psychological patterns begin to evolve for us. We tend to react to traumatic experiences by blocking our feelings thereby reducing, if not stopping completely, the natural flow of energy.

When the energy flow to a Chakra has been stopped, or at least slowed down, the development of that Chakra is affected. For example: a child's offering of love is rejected or unnoticed over a period of time. The child will not only stop offering the love, he or she will attempt to stop the inner feeling of love from arising. The Heart Chakra development is affected...the Chakra is out of balance and physical problems are sure to follow.

The seven Major Chakras rotate in a clockwise rotation. The Chakras on the palms of the hands rotate in the direction of the thumbs when the palms are facing forward. The Chakra on the left hand rotates in a clockwise direction and the Chakra on the right hand rotates in a counter-clockwise direction. The Chakras on the knees, ankles, elbows and temples rotate in the same direction as the corresponding hand.

When the left hand is placed on the rear of the body and the right hand on the front of the body the rotation of the Hand Chakra will be the same as the direction of rotation of the seven Major Chakras. This position is used to energize the major Chakras. To slow down or calm the Major Chakras, you would reverse the hands and put the left hand on the front of the body and the right hand on the back of the body.

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