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Symbol of Harmony

Green is the color of balance, harmony and growth...(the more intense energy of Yellow counterbalanced by the calmer energy of Blue).

It is neither hot nor cold, acid nor alkaline. It is the Balancer and Harmonizer.

It is the balance point between the Body (Red), the Mind (Yellow), and the Spirit (Blue).

It is the balance between the Material and Spiritual aspects of man.

It is a tonic for mind and spirit...Yellow (wisdom/mind) and blue (truth/spirit) with green as the Balancer between the two.

  • Some view it as the color of the soul, reflecting the fact that the soul is the liaison between the spirit and the earthly/bodily personality.
  • It is related to man's higher, subjective mind affecting the abstract realms of the mental facilities.
  • It is associated with the higher emotions of empathy and understanding.
  • It is a sacred color to the Egyptians as it represents the hope and joy of Spring.
  • It is a sacred color to the Islam.
  • Americans associate it with St. Patrick's Day.
  • Green was banned by early Christians because it had been the principle color used by pagans in their ceremonies.
  • It is the most restful color to the human eye.
  • Records indicate that suicides dropped 34% when London's Blackfriar Bridge was painted green.
  • Green thumb, green with envy, green-eyed monster.
  • He looked green around the gills.


Those who live in the vibration of the color green find that order and system are highly desirable and they will actively seek it. They find a sense of security arises when they bring order and system into their lives and they will create whatever is necessary to obtain that feeling of security.

The color green prevents complacency of thought and creates inner conflict by revealing stagnant, fixed ideas and pre-conceived opinions of the individual for what they really are. This, in turn, enables them to progress and brings harmony into their lives.

Green people seek permanency in all areas of their lives. They equate permanency with security...the security of not having to face the unknown.

There is a definite need for green people to control and let go of a tunnel vision outlook, to stop clinging to the old established ways, and to take that step that may lead them to go “where no man has gone before”.

(Note here: I visualize green when I sit to meditate. I also visualize it if I have difficulty going to sleep. One of my teachers told that if I was ever in doubt about a color to use when working with a healing to use Green.)

Attributes and Associations:

Green – Thymus - Secondary

Characteristics: Brotherhood, new growth, new beginnings, new life, fertility, healing, love, peace making, sympathy, balance, abundance, acquisition, harmony, security, regeneration, Higher Mental Plane/Subjective.

Astrological Sign: Libra (green blue - Scorpio)

Body: Circulatory and Immune

Organ: Heart

Chakra: Heart (Anahata ... unbroken)

Elements and Metals:Aluminum, barium, carbon, chlorine,

Day: Wednesday

Element: Air

Foods: Most green fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, celery, cucumber, green-beans/pepper/lettuce/peas, parsley, zucchini,

Fragrance: Lime  

Gems: Malachite, emerald, moss agate, peridot, jasper, jade, turquoise

Holiday: St. Patrick's Day

Hormones: Thymosin

Letters: D, M, V

Musical Note: “FA”...F

Planets: Moon (instinct), Venus (emotions), Mercury (mind)

Polarity: Neutral

Properties: Neutral (neither acid nor alkaline) 

Sense: Principle of Touch

Taste: All tastes

Time Perspective: Past, present, future – not necessarily in that order. Depends on fulfillment of need for security and balance.

Emotional and/or Psychological Aspects Associated with Green:

  • (Positive in Nature): Comfortable, compassionate, consoling, expansive, generous, natural, open-hearted, powerful, quiet, secure tranquil, self-assertive, vital
  • (Negative in Nature): Attached, commonplace, depleted, envious, insecure, jealous, miserly, possessive, self-doubting, selfish

Conditions Responding to the Color Green:

  • Acts on the Sympathetic Nervous System.
  • Allergies
  • Back disorder
  • Blood pressure (lowers)
  • Boils (use green and blue)
  • Cold in the head
  • Colic
  • Creative expression
  • Disinfectant
  • Germicide
  • Hay fever
  • Hepatic ailment
  • Hyperactivity
  • Insomnia
  • Malignancy (use green blue and violet)
  • Muscle and tissue builder
  • Pituitary stimulant
  • Relaxation (wear or meditate with Bloodstone and Jasper)
  • Typhoid
  • Ulcers (green and violet)
  • Venereal diseases

Contra-Indicated for the Following Conditions:

  • None



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