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SPIRITUAL GUIDES never restrict or attempt to alter our free will. They are our Etheric World “support team”. They assist, guide and protect. As we progress, some of the guides and teachers will probably change. Those who can best help us with the current karmic conditions we are facing, or a course of study we are undertaking, will come into our vibration.

It is up to us to still our Conscious Mind long enough to come into contact with our Guides and Teachers and to learn to heed their advice.

Inner Band Guides and Teachers Image

 There are many schools of thought as to how many guides there are in our “Inner Band”. The number ranges from five into the hundreds. Personally, I would take however many I could get.

The most commonly accepted description of our Guides and Teachers is as follows:

Our Guardian Angel (sometimes referred to as the Master Teacher) seems to be in charge of everybody else over there. The Guardian Angel is with us from birth to death and sometimes from lifetime to lifetime.

The Master Teacher has access to our Akashic Records. He/she has gathered the rest of the Inner Band around us in accordance with our state of development. The Master Teacher understand the Earth Plane and knows how fast we are capable of developing and dealing with Karma. His/her job is to help us evolve as we walk our chosen path.

The Chemist (sometimes referred to as The Medical Doctor, The Chemical Doctor or the Metaphysical Physician) has the responsibility of maintaining a chemical balance in the Physical Body. He/she is capable of attaching to the Pineal Gland to help with the psychic development and to add elements to the Physical Body, as needed, for better health. 

The Door Opener is usually a child of pure spirit and, as such, clears the channels of our intellectual mentality so that the manifesting entity's expression is not influenced by the Medium's own earth experiences. The Door Opener works with the Power Indian guide opening and closing the door to the nerve aura, to balance the frequency rates of vibration to the Medium’s own rate of vibration.

The Gate Keeper is usually a child guide, older than the Door Opener. He/she takes the station at the edge, or door, of the outer aura with the Protector Indian. He/she works with entities before they are allowed to enter the nerve aura. This child has had very little Earth experience.

The Protector Indian is easy to recognize. He wears his Etheric blanket which he uses to protect our aura. His head dress is of feathers and stands straight up. He stays at the edge, or door, of the outer aura. He works with the little Gate Keeper to keep out any adverse vibrations or thought forces of a destructive or negative nature. He protects our spirit as we do trance work, as we travel astrally and guards our physical body to the best of his ability.

The Power Indian is one of our healing guides. He works with the little Gate Keeper at the edge, or door, of our nerve aura. He is tall, muscular and usually naked above the waist. He wears a wide metal band on his left arm. His head dress is of feathers and it slopes backward. He works with the full use of the power of the White Light. He controls all manifesting entities by this power, whether in trance work or message work. He replenishes our physical strength as we do our spiritual work. His vibration is one of might and warmth and because of the warmth, you will be more aware of is presence than that of the Protector Indian.

The Joy Guide is usually a child whose function is to bring gaiety to the human and to guide his/her lifestyle into a balance between recreation and work.

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