One of the fundamental teachings of Theosophy (H. P. Blavatsky) is that all manifestation is of a septenary nature. Everything follows the sevenfold pattern. Every group, division or representation of seven is always comprised of a higher three and a lower four. Each of the seven principles is, itself, sevenfold.

We are going to look at the basic Seven Planes of Existence. If you feel you would like more, intensive study into the Planes, we have posted a few books that may set you on the path.

As you will discover, as you delve further into the study of the Planes, most occult teachings agree that there are seven basic Planes or Realms. They have, however, assigned different labels for them. The basic descriptions are the same, only the names vary.

Our Universe is a matrix of energies which vibrate at different rates. The slower the vibration, the easier for us to observe that which we call matter. As the vibrations get faster we can experience the different Planes. (I have often thought that these layers of different vibrating energies could point us to parallel Realms where we live a number of lives simultaneously. Perhaps the Deja Vu episodes we have are the remembrances of events that took place on one of the other Planes in one of our “other lives. Just a thought here.)

These Seven Planes have aided in our Collective Evolution and instantaneous healings on all levels.

FIRST PLANE: (Physical – Mother Earth Power)

The First Plane consists of third dimensional matter, created by the Soul-Mind as an avenue for it to express itself and to grow in a manner that only third-dimensional matter affords. It is the visible reality of energy and matter.

The Physical Matter is held together by Thought Energy (both Conscious Mind and Sub-Conscious Mind activity). This is the Earth and all material things on it.

Theosophy teaches that after the Physical Plane is the Etheric Plane and that both of these planes are connected to make up the First Plane.

Water is present in the first three Planes and it is charged from electrons that are created at the Sixth Plane.

A number of minerals, which are required by the Physical Body structure (magnesium, calcium) are present on the First Plane.


This Plane vibrating faster than Earth or Earth's Etheric Double, penetrates Earth to its core and extends out from the Earth, surrounding it. When seen Clairvoyantly, it looks much like Earth's Plane. It has two sub-planes...the Upper Astral Plane and the Lower Astral Plane.

There is a continuous twilight glow that never varies. Distance or time is not experienced and travel is by the speed of thought. It is here that our Consciousness is focused between lifetimes. It is felt that this is the Plane where the connection between the plant beings of the First Plane and earth (air) spirit of the Third Plane is made,.

Yogananda indicated that nearly all individuals enter the Astral Plane after death. It is here that they go through an evaluation of their past life and where they can work out the seeds of past karma or, if the karma requires, they make preparations to return to an earthly incarnation for further refinement.

This Plane contains Organic matter..plants, trees, herbs, fungus, vitamins, bacteria etc. Water also resonates in this Plane.

While we “sleep”we live in our Astral Body and when we awaken we are in our Physical World and the two are once more joined.

THIRD PLANE: (Thought – Mental/Causal)

This Plane houses the Mental Bodies with two distinct levels of function. The Upper half (The Causal Plane) is the region of abstract thought, This is where plans and ideas are designed into the blueprints for Earth lives and the Lower half (The Mental Plane) is the region where abstract thoughts begin to become concrete ideas weaving into manifestation.

This is the Plane that houses the energies that represent our past and future experiences in the Lower Worlds. These future experiences are not certainties. If there is no change in our state of consciousness or if no progress has been made in our development those experiences are valid. If there is a change in our consciousness or the direction of our development, the future experiences will change accordingly.

(Note here: Whenever I felt I was functioning in a stagnant energy I would go for a psychic reading. If the reading gave information about my future that distressed me I would take whatever measures I deemed necessary to bring in the desired changes for a more positive outlook)

Animals also exist on this level.


This is the middle section of the Mental Plane that separates the Causal section from the Mental Section. This is where the Mind struggles to give up the Material World and the Astral Plane.

The Battle Ground is the Heart Chakra, located between the three lower Chakras and the three higher Chakras. Usually one stays here the longest in his/her development as he/she struggles to cleave to the lower Chakras.

The lower Chakras eventually become purified and transcend into the energies of the higher Chakras and one then moves up his/her path.

FOURTH PLANE: (Intuitional/Wisdom):

This Plane is where our Totems and shape shifters reside as well as many ancestors' spirits. This is the Plane that Shamans work in.

Language originates on this Plane. There was a time when we could hear and see All...we just knew without the use of language.

A level of consciousness recognized for its wisdom, with emphasis on constructive thought and the development of the imagination.

The Monad forms Soul-Mind energy here to begin the involutionary journey of the Soul-Mind to Earth.

Intuition (Clairsentience) tunes into information from this Plane and this information, in turn, runs along the Super-Conscious Mind to the Pineal Gland to be perceived by mankind.

This is where constructive imagination is taught because the etheric atoms of the Third Plane use the thought of the Fourth Plane.

This is the Center of intuition, spiritual awareness, discrimination, and reality perception. Geniuses on Earth function from this Plane to receive their illumination of Earth knowledge.

FIFTH PLANE: (Spiritual)

A level of consciousness in the Etheric World of self-realization, through Universal “will”, wherein the Monad reaches close to perfection. Here the Monad loses all thoughts of self and finds the purpose of becoming one with Totality.

Total love is for the sole purpose of progression of the Universal seed. Group souls function from this Plane working as a unit to maintain balance in the solar systems. This group consciousness is involved in motivating earthlings to desire and do that which is for their highest good in the overall plan.

This is the realm of the Guardian Angels, Guides, Gods and Goddesses and the collective consciousness.

SIXTH PLANE: (Monadic)

This Plane involves the Laws of Creation which regulates and balances the very fabric of Creation. Among those Laws are such as Light (color), Sound (tone), Time, Gravity, Magnetics, and Karma (cause and effect), etc. It includes the formation of numbers which can be seen as patterns or symbols.

The Akashic Records are within this Plane.

This is a very subtle, atomic, ethereal vibration. A state of consciousness in which Totality’s plan begins and ends. A perfect part of Totality from this frequency radiates from itself and projects itself into the Planes below. Each spark forms a Soul-Mind which, in turn, radiates to more dense vibrations under the Law called Involution.

The Soul-Mind, with its memory of this peaceful, happy Plane, constantly desires to return. The Soul-Mind must evolve or unfold from within out. This Plane requires that the Monad must have endured, experienced, and learned all there is to learn in the lower Planes before it is admitted home.

SEVENTH PLANE: (Bliss, Nirvana, Heaven)

A level of consciousness of the highest conceivable spiritual attainment that each Soul-Mind will virtually be a part of. It is indescribable in language and beyond human comprehension.

An unknown perfection, happiness beyond one's strongest imagination that is recognizable, understandable, and appreciated because one has experienced all the opposites of this happiness.

Totality in its entirety. God Consciousness. Pure Love and Highest Truth.

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