Definitions  of common words and terms

Meta: Greek: “after”, “along with”, “beyond”, “among” and often denotes change

Physics: The science that deals with matter and energy of motion and force.

Akashic Record: (Sanskrit ”akasha”...”sky” “space” or “aether”)

  • Means Universal Record. The coalescence (a bringing together) of time-space-matter (vibration) beyond human mind comprehension.
  • The imprint of all desires and physical and mental earth experiences are recorded on time-space including the record of past lives in the Astral Plane of Existence.
  • There is no present time. It is either past or future ... earthly time. We live on the razor edge of time.
  • Every thought and action, once vented, is past, so live each day as if it were your last day.
  • The reactions to earthly experiences of the entire animal kingdom, the total thought-forms of a karmic nature (those based on desire) are recorded.
  • Spirit has no awareness of our earthly time.
  • Upon leaving the Physical realm and entering into the realm of the Spirit World, you have to be taught contact with the Earth Plane by earthly time consciousness.
  • In occultism: Akasha ... a celestial ether that fills all space and records all thoughts and actions of the Earth Plane.

Earth Memory: (Earth's Akashic Records, cf. Mental-Reflecting-Ether, reincarnation, karma)

  • Earth Memory is located in one of the earth's auras and it contains the records of all the happenings, discoveries, wars, births, thoughts, and attitudes, etc., of the people from all of its civilizations, recorded from the beginning of earth's formation. These past experiences contribute to the earth's experiences now.

Astral Body: (Sanskrit...Linga body.) ethereal double, doppelganger, personal man

  • The counterpart (subtle body) of the Physical Body around which the Physical Body is encompassed (cocoon)
  • It is the Soul clothing for the Spirit.
  • It can be distinguished by clairvoyants as a separate and distinct Ethereal Body when it is projected from the Physical Body.
  • The vehicle of feelings and emotions.

Astral Projection: (astral travel)

  • Out-of-body (OBE) experience
  • To will the soul-mind to leave the physical body enclosed in an Astral Body to travel to distant localities.
  • This can be a pre-programmed journey.
  • The Silver Cord (refer to Introduction to Chakras) keeps the two bodies attached and breathing.
  • Astral Body can journey to distant Earth Plane places and to some of the Spheres of the Spirit World, especially the astral plane.
  • Many travel to Astral Planes in their sleep but the awake state relates it to dreams.

Books of Life: (They are believed to be the Books of Life as referred to in the Bible.)

  • The Books of Life are concentrated centers of energy at the end of three of the five strands of the Silver Cord, containing records of man's experiences that will be worked out in this incarnation.
  • These Centers of Energy are:
  • The Astral-Seed-Atom located in the Solar Plexus
  • The Mental-Consciousness-Seed-Atom located in the Pineal
  • The Heart-Seed-Atom located in the Heart.

Silver Cord: (as referred to in Introduction to Chakras)

  • It extends from the Sushumna to the Crown Chakra and on out into Universal Mind.
  • It serves as a person's connection link to the Universe.
  • It penetrates through one's Subtle Bodies, connecting the Soul-Mind to the Physical Body during an astral projection.
  • It contains five tiny strands, each with its separate function, that aids the Physical Body in its growth and search for awareness.

The Five Strands of The Silver Cord Are:

Mental Consciousness Cord:

  • It extends from the Soul-Mind, located in the Fifth Plane, to the Pineal Gland. From there it extends to the Kanda that houses the Sushumna (refer to Introduction to Chakras for information on the Sushumna)
  • It contains all of one's attributes and weaknesses which have resulted from one's many incarnations.
  • It connects a person to their Super-Conscious Mind.
  • It carries one's mental development along the entire length of the spine.
  • It controls the response mechanism in the brain.


  • A tiny invisible concentrated center of energy at the end of the Mental-Consciousness-Cord, located in the Pineal Gland.
  • It contains all the qualities of mankind's past knowledge.
  • It is the link between the Conscious Mind and the Super-Conscious Mind.
  • It received energies and knowledge from the Oversoul (that part of the Soul-Mind which separates Wisdom from Karma) and stores all the activities experienced in earthly incarnations.


  • Runs through the body from the Soul-Mind, enters the top of the head and ends in the Astral-Emotional-Seed-Atom located in the Solar Plexus.
  • Takes care of the emotions and their relation to the Soul-Mind while in this incarnation.


  • An invisible concentrated center of energy located in the Solar Plexus, attached to the Silver Cord containing the quality of emotions of the present and the future of the present incarnation.
  • It acts as an agent for the development of the Soul-Mind.

Vagus Nerve: (aka the Pneumogastric Nerve/pneumo-”life breath”)

  • A channel for the Soul-Mind-Breath, which runs downward through the neck in two strands, from the Medullar Oblongata, which is located at the base of the brain, to the heart and abdomen.
  • These two strands control the Respiratory System.

Life Cord: (Heart-Seed-Atom)

  • An invisible etheric strand running from the Monad to the Permanent Seed in the Heart.
  • Its function is to carry the invisible, minute, electronic karmic pictures from the individual's Akashic Records to the Heart for distribution (Ripe Karma).


  • A minute, invisible, heavily concentrated field of energy, located in the Heart, which contains a temporary replica of the Akashic Records in the form of karmic pictures that are distributed through the bloodstream in their due season. (Karmic promote Karmic experiences.)


  • An ethereal energy, similar to photographic plates, that extends from the Mental Plane to the Physical Body, taking pictures of everything the individual does during his/her incarnation.
  • These minute, electronic pictures travel and and forth from the Heart-Seed-Atom, in the Heart area, to the Akashic Records in the Mental Plane where they are filed.
  • These miniature pictures are distributed throughout the Cerebrospinal Nervous system and the Bloodstream where they are played back into action portraying the individuals Karma.
  • These pictures are stored for karmic use.

Cerebrospinal Nervous System:

  • The Cerebrospinal Nervous System is a network of electrical wires covering all areas of the human body, governed by the brain, but under the direct control of the Mental Body.
  • It brings information from outer stimuli (via the five senses) and det4rmines the degree of stress that should be carried through the Physical Body.
  • It is responsible for the differences in human organisms.
  • It evolved later that the Sympathetic Nervous System,but much faster.
  • It is positive/masculine in polarity for the body.

Sympathetic Nervous System:

  • The Sympathetic Nervous System is as network of electrical wires running through the Physical Body with its main transformer in the Solar Plexus.
  • It is influenced by the Soul-Mind
  • It is in charge of instinct, automation, involuntary functions, and the “memory bank” of past incarnations.
  • It developed before the Cerebrospinal Nervous System and works in harmony with it.
  • It controls the fight-or-flight instinct and also activates the sweat glands to the degree that the individual is excited or calm.
  • It is negative/feminine in polarity for the body.

Angels: (Latin angelus); (Greek angelos, “super-natural being”); )Hebrew malak, literally signifieds “a person sent, a messenger”). Aka Deva, Guide, Master, Etheric World Intelligence.

  • A spiritual being that serves especially as a messenger from God.
  • A spiritual being that serves as a guardian of human beings.
  • A class of spiritual beings who constitute the lowest of the nine celestial orders (seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations or dominions, virtues, powers, principalities or princedoms, archangels, and angels).
  • An attendant or guardian spirit.
  • Angels appear in one form or another in almost every religion. They are assigned different names, duties, capabilities and station. Their compassionate, loving, giving nature is often seen in humans...”angel of mercy”, “angel in disguise”.
  • The Guardian Angel is with us from birth and through many lifetimes. He is part of the Inner Band of Guides and Teachers. We are often seen thanking our Guardian Angel for delivering us from sorrow, pain and calling upon him for protection.
  • Angels are as they appear to the eye of the beholder

Elementals: (Paracelsus ... gnomes [spirit of earth), undines [spirit of water], sylphs [spirit of air] and salamanders [spirits of fire]

  • Nature spirits or invisible entities ... etherealized.
  • They live in the elements of air, earth, water or fire (the building blocks of nature).
  • They are not immortal and are of varying states of intelligence.
  • Some are benign while others are malicious to humans.
Fairies: (enchanted ... bewitched) A collective word that is used to mean the whole lower-half of the angel-being kingdom which contains over 1,000 varieties.
  • A fairy is a small, ethereal replica of a human in appearance and mannerisms, usually with wings.
  • It desires a rapport with humans but lives in its own invisible culture.
  • They live in the rhythm of nature.
  • They are concerned with the process of nature's evolution and its service to humanity.
  • They respond quickly to human emotions.
  • They have the ability to send an electric charge to stimulate the human intellect
  • A fairy is a loveable, joyous entity, but unpredictable.
  • They are neither angel nor devil but they mediate space between mankind and angels.
  • Little People: This is what Fairies are called when you don't want to invoke them.

Knots: Invisible triangles of energy that block the rising of the Kundalini.

  • Knot of Brahma: (Hinduism..the creator of this world of names and forms) an invisible, inverted triangle energy field housing the Kundalini power at the base of the spine. This blocks the flow of the Kundalini from the Root Chakra and is the first obstacle in the growth of the spiritual aspect of the individual self, Related to bondage of desires.
  • Knot of Shiva: (Hinduism) an invisible, inverted triangle energy field found in the Solar Plexus Chakra similar in nature to a tied knot. This blocks the flow from the third Chakra toward the fourth (Heart) Chakra. Related to the bondage of actions.
  • Knot of Vishnu: (Hinduism) an invisible triangle energy field found in the Heart Chakra, similar to a tied knot. This blocks the flow beyond the Brow Chakra to the Crown Chakra. Related to the bondage of thoughts (pure knowing...beingness).

Limbo: (Soul-Mind Evolution, earthbound entities)

Also referred to or known as:

  • A level of consciousness which comprises one of the seven planes in the Density in the Etheric World.
  • An area of awareness for those who have died, placed in the middle of two extremes.
  • An area on the edge of Hell, which is not a place of physical torment but of banishment from God.
  • A vibrational frequency in the etheric world reserved for the righteous who lived before Christ.
  • The border of Hell and Heaven serving those who do not know which way to go.

Lemuria: (aka MU or the Motherland)

  • A gigantic continent, located largely in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia/Australia, predating any civilization we currently know (before the time of Atlantis).
  • At its peak of civilization, the Lemurian people were both highly evolved and very spiritual.
  • Relics have been found on Easter Island of astounding and eloquent memorials of primeval giants. Some of the heads of the colossal statues have remained unbroken and the features are recognized to be the type and character attributed to the Fourth Race giants.
  • Cities appeared to have been built out of rare metals and the lava that the fires emitted.
  • Archeology findings show that they worshiped images of themselves, in size and likeness, cut out of white stone of the mountains and black stone of the subterranean fires.
  • Some believe that Atlantis and Lemuria were around partially at the same time and that the more scientific-rational group inhabited Atlantis and Lemuria had more individuals that were artistically and spiritually inclined.
  • There is also the belief that the large-scale experiments, which were conducted by Atlantis, are what caused the eventual destruction of both civilizations because of dramatic geo-physical dislocations.
  • Nymph: A Native Spirit that shows herself as a beautiful young woman who has charm and psychic ability. She presides over all bodies of what on the planet.

Occult: (hidden or obscured)

  • Beyond the range of ordinary knowledge, mysterious.
  • Secret disclosed or communication only to the initiated.
  • Not apparent on mere inspection but discoverable by experimentation.
  • Of or pertaining to magic, astrology, and other alleged sciences claiming use or knowledge of secret, mysterious, or supernatural agencies.
  • Hidden from View.
  • Mistakenly categorized as dark or evil.


  • Metaphysical, supernatural
  • Concealed, unrevealed, veiled, shrouded mystical cabalistic.


  • Belief in the existence of certain secret, mysterious, or supernatural agencies that can be known and communicated with by human being.

Sylph: (Guardian Angel, Celestial Guardian, Guide)

  • A graceful female angel, with a highly developed intelligence, living in the air and clouds.
  • She links with a person at birth or baptism and helps the individual grow.
  • Is a constant and faithful energy field that can be called upon in emergencies.
  • Sylphs are considered sculptors of fairy world.
  • They desire to help humanity but not hinder individual freedom.

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